Feb 082016
Taco Bell ‘Bigger Than’ Super Bowl Commercial

Taco Bell scored a touchdown with their Super Bowl commercial this year. To introduce their brand new Quesalupa, which incorporates cheese in the shell, they made a long connected list of all the things “this is going to be bigger than.” 


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Dec 112015
Drive Thru Christmas Caroling

The holidays are hard when you have to work when seemingly everyone else is partying and have a good time. Especially when you work minimum wage at a fast food restaurant. To raise the spirit of some workers, Beyond Measure and Stuart Edge teamed up to bring some gorgeous sounding Christmas caroling to the drive-thru lane. 


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Nov 112015
McDonald’s In Spain Looks Much Better Than Ours

When people around the world are asked what comes to mind when they think about America, McDonald’s is probably in the top three next to ‘freedom’ and apple pie. That’s why it’s so depressing to hear that the McDonald’s in Spain looks so much better than ours. Besides for the better service, they offer potato wedges instead of fries explains Will Wei of Business Insider. And there’s beer! 


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Nov 042015
Starbucks Drive-Thru Accepts Orders With American Sign Language

Starbucks made news a while back when they announced they would start rolling out screens and cameras at the drive-thru so the customers and baristas could see each other. Most people shrugged off the move as a simple gag, but it makes a great difference for the deaf. St. Augustine, Florida has a large deaf community as the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind is located there, so it’s simply awesome to see that the hearing impaired can now use the drive-thru by ordering in American Sign Language! 


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Oct 222015
Falafel Guy Has Epic Skills

Falafel is a popular street food across the entire Middle East, and it is especially popular in Israel. One falafel stand in the small town of Afula not only offers delicious crispy fried chickpea balls, but they offer a show with every pita sandwich. Just watch as the server somehow tosses the balls around, but catches each one in the pita pocket. Yum! This older video is trending now more than ever. 


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