Dec 122014
McDonald’s Gives Tour Showing How They Make Chicken McNuggets

Of all the dishes served at McDonald’s, the most controversial is the Chicken McNuggets. They’re just so delicious, yet people can’t help but spread terrifying rumors about how they are made and what they are made of. Do they really use all of the chicken, even the beak and feet? And what about the pictures of pink slime that have circulated online? 

In a new effort to become more transparent, McDonald’s takes viewers on a tour of a Tyson chicken factory where they make the famous McNuggets in this viral video. 

So, did they change your opinion of McNuggets?


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Dec 092014
The Annoying Guy Who Over-Pronounces Foreign Words

Have you ever been out to eat with your buddies and that one pretentious guy keeps over pronouncing the names of foreign dishes, like mozzarella, cappuccino, or croissant? It’s like dude, quit trying to hard. College Humor pokes fun at this annoying character that everyone recognizes in this new comedy sketch that has gone viral with over 500,000 hits!


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Nov 292014
Man Uses Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass To Feed The Homeless

Olive Garden was trending a few weeks ago when they introduced their Never Ending Pasta Pass. For just $100, a person could have access to unlimited pasta, salad, and drinks for seven weeks. One Utah man decided to use his Pasta Pass for good. Realizing that’s way too much pasta for one person, Matt Tribe decided to give the food away to the needy. He went to Olive Garden multiple times a day and gave the pasta out to the homeless who were greatly appreciative. He calls his charity random acts of pasta.


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Nov 242014
Demonstration How To Make Margherita Pizza Will Make You Hungry

Margherita pizza is considered by many to be the original pizza. Videographer Joanne Martinez visited the Bantam Restaurant in Santa Cruz, California to document how they make their delicious Margherita pizza. This relaxing video is guaranteed to stir your appetite, and has gone viral over the weekend with over 250,000 hits!


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Oct 112014
New York Times Takes Second Graders To One Of New York’s Fanciest Restaurants

The New York Times has realized that you don’t go viral with traditional stories anymore, no matter how interesting or factual they are. So they studied a bit of New Media, and made this adorable story. Instead of taking a renown food critic to a restaurant for their magazine’s fall Food issue, they took a group of second graders. The children were treated to a meal at one of New York City’s most expensive and fancy restaurants, Daniel. The kids enjoyed a seven course meal that would usually cost each diner over $200. 


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