Mar 062012

Mitt Romney is one of the richest people in American history to ever run for the office of the president. That maybe nice for him and his family, but common American folk don’t like the fact that he is such an elitist. Romney has tried his best to appear as a normal, regular American, but only with weak results. 

To add fire to the flames, Ann Romney, Mitt’s wife, said on Fox News that she doesn’t consider herself wealthy. Liberal bloggers have exploded with rebuke over the phrase as utter nonsense and bologna as the Romneys are worth more than $250,000,000. Read more on ThinkProgress and TheDailyWhat


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Feb 242012

 was shocked at how Newt Gingrich keeps taking cheap shots at the American designed, American made, and American powered Chevrolet Volt. Republicans are supposed to be proud to say ,”Made In The USA.” 

To prove the Republican nominee wrong, Jtmcdole first explained that oil prices are global, and Newt’s plans to just drill everywhere wouldn’t really help at all. But he also wanted to prove that you can install a gun rack in a volt. And that’s exactly what he did with his brand new GM electric car. 


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Jan 242012

At the Fox News/Google Republican Presidential debate back in September, a gay soldier asked the candidates if they plan on circumventing the positive progress for LGBT soldiers serving their country, and some audience members booed the soldier.

Later, President Obama gave a speech at the Human Rights Campaign dinner rebuking the candidates.  created this mash up of the two events in October, but, as the political field is really heating up in this election year, the video only went viral now. 


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