Dec 282013
PopLove 2013 Pop Music Mash Up

After the success of his 2012 pop music mash up that stands with over 3.5 million views, remix artist Robin Skouteris has returned to close 2013 with a blast. 

He mixed over 55 of the best pop hits from the past 12 months, such as Right NowGet LuckyTrouble, and more, into one ear-pleasing 10 minute hit


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Dec 192013
Anchorman 2 Interview Techno Banger Remix

German DJ artist and YouTuber Flula had the lucky opportunity to interview the cast of the much anticipated movie Anchorman 2

Naturally, he asked each to star for a few beat box sounds to later remix into a “techno banger.”

“Imagine you are like driving alone, and this the song you will pop in your jams as you drive.”


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Dec 062013
Nonstop Pop 2013 Pop Music Mash Up

Sure, there’s already been a couple of pop music mash ups for 2013 to go viral, but mash up master Isosine still has something impressive to bring to the table. 

He’s wrapping up 2013 with a sick pop mash up of his own that features hits like Suit & TieI Lose MyselfStay the Night, Come and Get It, and many more. 


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Oct 122013
Ultimate Chucky Megamix

Few horror movie characters can compete with the disturbing Charles Lee Ray doll, better known by the nickname Chucky, from the slasher Child’s Play films.  

As Halloween is just around the corner, remix master Mike Relm decided to take the doll’s creepy vibes to the next level with this chilling, yet catchy, Chucky Megamix


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Sep 272013
Pokémon Dubstep Remix With Lindsey Stirling

Popular online violinist Lindsey Stirling collaborated with equally admired music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider to bring Pokemon into the new century musically.

In honor of the two new Pokemon games X and Y, Nintendo helped the two recreate the classic Pokemon theme song into a violin-dubstep remix

Nerd approved. 


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