Oct 102014
Eleven Year Old Taylor Hatala And Matt Steffanina Dance To All About That Bass

Eleven year old Taylor Hatala exploded online when her choreographed dance video to Anadaconda went viral with over 9 million hits! Now, the young star is trending again after working with dancer Matt Steffanina. The two dance to a remix version of All About That Bass, and already have over 3 million hits!


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Sep 132014
Ultimate Music Video Made From Countless YouTube Musicians Is Gold

What makes the Internet so magical is that people who have never met can work together to create unique art. Remix artist Kutiman sifted through countless hours of footage from solo YouTube musicians, and mixed together their music to create this epic original music video that has gone viral. YouTube has even featured the video


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Aug 232014
Robin Williams Seize the Day Inspiring Remix

As a tribute to Robin Williams, remix artist Melodysheep created this inspiring auto-tune remix music video from Robin’s past movies. Fans will recognize samples form Hook, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, and more! The new video has already garnered over half a million hits!


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Aug 082014
Apparently Kid Songify Auto Tune Remix

Apparently Kid‘ is the Web’s latest favorite character. So it’s no surprise Web users swarmed auto tune masters The Gregory Brothers with requests to perform their magic on the cute clip. Thankfully, they were happy to oblige. Apparently, this is the best song ever. 


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May 202014
iPhone Ringtine Remix

Most people recognize at least a few of the standard iPhone ringtones and sounds. The phones are just so prevalent, you can hear them ring at the mall, grocery, and school. Musical remix master Its Metro Gnome took the most common iPhone ringtones and created this epic dance remix. It’s really amazing what you can do with just a couple samples. This song rocks!


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