May 202014
iPhone Ringtine Remix

Most people recognize at least a few of the standard iPhone ringtones and sounds. The phones are just so prevalent, you can hear them ring at the mall, grocery, and school. Musical remix master Its Metro Gnome took the most common iPhone ringtones and created this epic dance remix. It’s really amazing what you can do with just a couple samples. This song rocks!


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May 192014
Back To The Future Remix

Pogo, the YouTube famous musician most well known for his surprising hits made entirely from sampling popular movies, has finally returned. This time, he travels back in time to 1985, and 1955, to create a mesmerizing tune from just the sounds, noises, and words from Back To The Future. Great Scott!!


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Mar 082014
Jeff Goldblum Laughing In Jurassic Park Remix

This ridiculous video has gone viral over the past week, and stands with over 210,000 hits.

Any fan of Jeff Goldblum knows he has an iconic, one of a kind laugh. Mr Tabarnaco2 took an early scene in Jurassic Park and made a hilarious, yet catchy, remix from just Jeff’s chuckles. 

Internet, you’ve done it again. 


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Feb 112014
Willy Wonka Remix Is The Only Thing Trippier Than The Film

Pogo is well known online for his impressive remixes of popular movies and TV shows. Using only the music, sounds, and noises from each specimen, he creates an entirely new piece of art and music. 

This time, he redid the original Willy Wonka film and takes viewers on one crazy ride. 


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