Dec 122012

At some point in the past decade, Lego started remaking everything. Be it Star Wars, video games, or even Lord of the Rings, you can now play it in tiny plastic block form. 

As a result, the web is under a constant wave of Lego parodies and spoofs inspired by the Dutch company themselves.

The latest recreation in Lego to go viral is by Paranick Filmz, who recreated the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which has over 26 million views, in glorious Lego


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Dec 082012

The excitement surrounding RockStar Games‘ new upcoming installment of their highly popular Grand Theft Auto video game series continues to grow. 

After the official trailer for the game went viralviral, amassing over 29 million views, nerd favorite Machinima has recreated the commercial nearly perfectly. In gloriously LEGO

Naturally, the toy remake is trending in its own right, and is already featured on UberGizmo, MTV, and RockStarGames


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Jun 112012

World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. is probably the most famous video game level of all time. Even non-gamers recognize the iconic music, sound effects, and look of the classic 80′s side scroller. 

There are countless remakes and tributes to 1-1, but none as realistic or dark as BlueMasters studios‘ latest titled Super Modern Mario Bros that is featured on Geekologie, BroBible, and GeekoSystem


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Jun 082012

In honor of  this year’s UEFA European Football Championship games, commonly referred to as Euro2012,  remade a slew of classic greatest Euro football moments… in glorious stop motion Lego animation

The week old video stands with over 335,000 views, and is featured on ViralVideoChart, Telegraph, and DailyMail


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May 162012

Adam “MCA” Yauch, one of the essential legs of the Beastie Boys stool, passed away on the fourth, and the Internet is still in mourning. 

In tribute to the late rap star, James Winters and his wife enlisted their kids and nephew to recreate the original famous Sabotage music video.

The adorable music video reboot has gone viral, and is featured on DailyPick, FuseTheDailyWhat, Gawker, Vulture, and more!


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