Oct 092015
Robert Tilton Music Video Is What The Internet Was Made For

Televangelist Robert Tilton is famous in the Christian community for his religious television shows, but he might be even more famous online for something not as inspiring. Back when the Internet was just a toddler, an ingenious editor took video of Robert Tilton and perfectly added farting noises. That older video is an Internet classic. 

Now, music remix artist Pogo has made a new music video featuring Robert’s ridiculousness. 


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Oct 032015
African ‘Prophet’ Claims To Walk On Air

For centuries, con-artists have been tricking people into thinking they have magic or spiritual powers. Sadly, even with all the science and technology we have today, this still goes on. A Zimbamwae religious ‘Prophet’ named Shepherd Bushiri claims he can walk on air and made this viral video to prove it. It’s incredibly anyone can take this guy seriously. 


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Aug 172015
John Oliver Destroys Televangelists

Since the 1980’s, religious television shows have flourished into a thriving entertainment industry often referred to as televangelism. Sadly, most televangelists seem to be more in the business of asking for donations than actually preaching the word of the bible. Many people are surprised to learn that televangelism is still booming in 2015. John Oliver explains just how dirty of a business it is on this new segment of Last Week Tonight


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Jul 082015
Priest Shocks Wedding Guests Singing Gorgeous Performance Of Hallelujah

Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is one of the most famous religious songs out there. But you really have to have the voice to do the song justice. During a wedding in a church, the priest shocked the wedding guests and the bride and groom with his beautiful rendition of the inspirational song. Now, this year old video is going viral now. 


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Apr 052015
SNL Pokes Fun At Scientology With Parody ‘Neurotology’ Music Video

The controversial Church of Scientology is known for suing anyone who dares stand up to them. But after an extensive investigation, HBO has shed light on the secretive church with their brand new documentary Going Clear.

Saturday Night Live was apparently inspired by the documentary, and poked fun at Scientology with this parody music video for a very similar sounding religion called Neurotology.


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