Oct 012012

This relatively ancient video was published way back in 2007 by hunter , but has only just gone viralviral now over the weekend. Now, the video has over 400,000 hits, and is showcased by Dlisted, Reddit, SayOMG, and VideoSift

Bored in his deer stand, this serious hunter decided to open his beer a little differently normal. He literally bit the can open like a can opener, tearing the entire top off, then chugged the whole beer in a matter of four or five seconds. Impressive.


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Jul 052012

Owning a pet raccoon is a dream of many kids, but the biting can really get tiresome. Luckily, this old man has the lab tested Hannah Montana Coon Repellent to keep from his furry bandit from biting him. 

Um, wtf is going on?

The video has just gone viral, is featured on Buzzfeed, GawkerReddit, HyperVocal, BroBible, and TheDailyWhat.


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May 242012

The people of Pence, Kansas aren’t shocked by a funnel cloud or two. Even during a recent country wedding, guests didn’t seem phased in the slightest that a huge tornado was off in the distance behind them. 

 says, “This is my nephew and his beautiful brides wedding ceremony. A perfect country wedding complete with wheat, cowboy hats, boots,and tornadoes.”

The story is covered on SeattlePi, FoxNews, and MSNBC.  


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Dec 282011

When you think of romantic, the last place the comes to mind is White Castle. But the restaurant chain has enjoyed a tradition of patrons who enjoy White Castle every Valentines days. Well, one nice couple took the tradition a step further by getting married at the largest White Castle in the world in Louisville, Kentucky. The 2009 video has recently resurfaced after being shared on DogAndPonyShow and DuckCammer


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Dec 202011

Small town folk in Cowley County, Kansas were shocked and surprised when they saw what could only be described as a flying saucer UFO being transported through their town down US 77. People often mix up the fact that UFO only stands for unidentified flying object, and has no connection to aliens, even though that’s what most people mean when using the term. The UFO was actually a X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System being transported to Maryland. Read more on DefenseTech, Devour, and Gizmodo


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