Jul 312013

SwampMusic12 posted this video just over a year ago, but it is trending now more than ever. The older self-proclaimed hillbilly last went viral a year ago showing off his ‘raccoon repellent’ with his pet raccoon. That viral video now stands with over one million views

In this video that is trending now, the elderly hillbilly performs the hillbilly slide with his pet raccoon like no one else can. 


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Jul 102013

Like so many Americans, Jimmy Rose grew up in a small town where going to the coal mine after high school was the norm. After spending sometime underground after graduating , Jimmy decided to join the Marines and serve his country. 

After returning home in one piece, Jimmy counted his blessings and decided to finally chase his dream of being a country music singer on the stage of America’s Got Talent

The homegrown Kentucky boy sang his own original song Coal Keeps The Lights On that touched the hearts of the entire auditorium, prompting even the judges to rise to their feet in applause. 


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Feb 272013

Two weeks ago, Scott Bradlee went viralviral with his crew’s Old Time Jazzy Cover Of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. Viewers just couldn’t get enough of the new twist on their web-favorite song, and now that cover video stands with over one million views

Now, the music team is trending again. This time, they went ‘out West’ to cover pop princess Kesha‘s hit single Die Young with a country twist.  

Better than the original? 


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Feb 262013

Nascar and hip hop may not seem like they mix well, but that didn’t stop the one and only 50 Cent from enjoying some Nascar racing last weekend.

All sporting and Nascar fans know Erin Andrews well, so it was extra awkward when big rap star tried to give her a kiss. She didn’t seem to be ready for it, and recieved the awkward kiss as best she could. 

50 didn’t seem too happy with how the kiss ended either. Incredibly, this official NASCAR video of the event has already allocated over 1.5 million hits! The video is also featured on USAToday, Mashable, E!Online, and BleacherReport


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Jan 032013

Chris Ward lives in the country, and naturally has traps set up around his land for food and/or safety. But the last animal he meant to trap was a ruthless bobcat.

But that’s what he discovered one snowy day by one of his traps. Chris and his buddies daringly freed the lively wildcat with just a stick and a whole lotta guts as they felt guilty just letting the cat starve.

The new video is especially trending after being featured on Reddit.  


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