Jan 312015
Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the great wonders of the world. It is easily the most famous waterfall on the planet. Unlike the countless others who have daringly gone down the falls, world-renowned ice climber and daredevil Will Gadd has made history by going up. After Niagara froze, at least for the most part, Gadd made the trek to the top. One misstep could have led to disaster, but he was successful! Read more here.


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Sep 192014
Jason Paul Freerunning In 8 Bit

Freerunner Jason Paul travels back to the 80’s in this latest video published by Red Bull. Jason and Team Farang perform an epic parkour style scene with special scenery that looks and feels like a classic 2-D video game. 8-bit style sound effects complete the experience. Using all of his freerunning powers, Jason must out perform the evil ninjas in a Mayan temple. 


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May 272014
People Try Red Bull For The First Time

If you’re a young person, the odds are you’ve enjoyed an energy drink or two. That inspired BuzzFeed to hold a taste test with a few young people who have never tried the world’s most popular energy drink that gives them wings, Red Bull, to see what they think of it. “Tastes like bad decisions.”


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May 012014
Biker On 3D Course Looks Like He’s In A Video Game

Fixed gear freestyle biker Josh Boothby mixed art and biking in his latest project. It looks like Josh is stuck in an 80’s video game, but he is really riding in real life on a special course covered with illusions to appear 3D on camera. The resulting video, published by Red Bull, is simply mesmerizing.


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Apr 182014
Helmet Camera Footage During Mountain Bike Race Will Make Your Heart Pound

This original helmet cam video of Geoff Gulevich‘s dirt bike run during last year’s Red Bull Rampage has only now exploded after Misha Andriasyan reposted a copy

Geoff’s mountain ride will make your hands sweat and heart race as you relive every bump, slip, and decent. Even a mountain goat would have trouble with that terrain!

What’s even more shocking is that he didn’t even win. 


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