Feb 022014
Neil Gaiman Reads Green Eggs And Ham

Charity World Builders held a fundraiser for $500,000 with the promise that English author Neil Gaiman would read the Dr. Seuss classic Green Eggs and Ham once they hit their goal. 

Finally, they’ve reached their mark, and now the Internet is relishing this delightful reading by the prominent writer.


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Apr 172012

Finding out you’re going to be a big sister is an exciting event, so after  find out they were pregnant, they got their daughter a special t-shirt. It simply says, ‘I’m The Big Sister,’ but soon to be big sis isn’t a master reader yet.

Once she finishes reading at the 3:30 mark it finally dawns on her, ‘Are you pregnant? YAY!’ and an adorable family celebration ensues. The video is going viral after jeremaniac posted it to Reddit


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