Oct 112014
Sweet Wholesome Gal Music Video

It seems the only type of women found in rap and hip hop music videos are scantily clad with nothing to offer but their bodies. Ryan Higa is sick of all the ‘booty music videos’ in rap music these days. He doesn’t want a girl like that. What he wants is a sweet, wholesome girl.


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Oct 032014
David Cameron Eminem Rap

Prime Minister of England David Cameron is the epitome of a proper gentleman. So it’s quite obvious that he would never rap. But thanks to the magic of computer editing and the Internet, remix artist Cassette Boy was able to create this Eminem-inspired David Cameron rap from one of his speeches. The video has instantly gone viral with over 2 million views already!


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Oct 032014
Can We Auto-Correct Humanity Poem Critiques Social Media

Rapper Prince Ea has gone viral with his latest video, titled Can We Auto-Correct Humanity, which critiques social networking. His message resonates with many viewers who feel that what was once a tool to stay connected has deteriorated into an ego contest about who has the most followers. 

Ironically, just like the other anti-social network videos before it, this clip has gone viral on Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networks. 


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Sep 162014
Nerd Raps in the Hood

YouTuber BigDaws is a huge nerd. But he has a secret. He may not look like it, but he can freestyle rap with the best of them. To prove his abilities, he took a boombox to the ‘hood’ and rapped for unsuspecting passersby. He’s actually surprisingly good. This silly rap video has gone viral with over half a million hits!


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Sep 152014
Rapping Classified Ads

Even if you aren’t looking for anything specific, the classified ads are always fun to read. Rapper Mac Lethal is known for his unique style and songs, and for his latest project, asked fans to send in their classified ads to RapClassifiedAds@gmail.com. Then, he created this one of a kind classified ads rap song


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