Mar 062013

Hippy dippy Soul Pancake channel run by actor Rainn Wilson continues to try their best and make the world a warmer, kinder place. And it seems they are succeeding.

In this video that was published in January, the SP crew set up a colorful ball pit in a busy city square. Above the pit they placed a sign that read, “Take a Seat – Make a Friend.”

Shockingly, adult passersby hopped on in a made some friends. We need more of this now. 

The touching video now stands with over half a million views!


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Jan 262013

Soul Pancake‘s adorable Kid President series has finally gone viralviral. On Thursday, the Rainn Wilson supported channel published the Kid Pres giving a motivational speech in A Pep Talk from Kid President to You.

Already, the video has garnered over a quarter million views, and is trending strong through the weekend. It is also covered on HuffPost, ThoughtCatelong, and CosbySweater


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Dec 032012

Hipster YouTube channel , led by The Office actor Rainn Wilson, has gone viral with this touching street compliments video. 

They set up a recording and listening booth next to each other on the corner of a bustling city center. Couples, friends, and family had the chance to take a moment out of their busy day to share a compliment to their loved ones. 

Currently, the two week old has over 450,000 views.


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Sep 122012

Actor Rainn Wilson, famous from The Office, teamed up with  to make a fantastically meta video with all the recipes for it to catch the viral bug. 

There is a famous Dwight meme where the same gag of the joke is to say ‘False!’ and tell them how the victim how they’re wrong just like Dwight often does.

In this video, Rainn reads Facebook posts, and performs the meme live, explaining how in reality, the posts are incorrect. 


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Sep 122012

 is a nerdy-artsy YouTube channel that is mostly popular because of actor Rainn Wilson’s involvement with it. In their latest installment of Metaphysical Milkshake, Rainn picks up equally popular Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a personal chat about hitRECord, creativity, and sweating.

The video is featured on YouTubeTrends, NYMag, and EntertainmentWeekly


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