Dec 112012

The original Rubik’s Cube took the world by storm in the 1980′s. But the world has dramatically changed since then. The once amazing cube puzzle is now boring compared to modern toys and technology.

Enter Dane Christianson. Using CAD and 3D printing, he created a Rubik’s Cube inspired puzzle for the 21st century. The cube has an extra layer on each side to form more of an ‘X’ shape, hence the name ‘X-Cube.’

With just a small addition, countless new possibilities are now possible. 


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Mar 022012

Rubik’s Cube YouTube channel  published this video featuring Marcell Endrey breaking the world record for fastest Rubik’s Cube solved while blindfolded. After memorizing the puzzle in just ten seconds, Marcell completed the cube in just 28.80 seconds. The story is covered by CNet


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Oct 222011

This video posted in 2010 has been steadily grown in popularity, and now has fully exploded and gone viral .  is very handy, and his girlfriend just loves puzzles. So he made her a homemade puzzle box chest as a Christmas gift. It doesn’t just simply open, it has a number of steps to reveal the secret key. Best Christmas present ever.   


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Oct 132011

This video that was posted in June just went viral now with the help from Davide12. Most people will recognize this game, but don’t know the exact name. Labyrinth puzzles are basically the old fashion, in real life version of the classic arcade game, Marble Madness. You must carefully control the board, which moves on an X and Y axis, to get a ball through a complex puzzle. The real challenge is that there are holes everywhere! Alon Mass is such a serious player, he is able to complete the puzzle with two balls at once! He even broken the world record for his speed of 2:38. 


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