Mar 302014
Bulldog Puppy Kissing Baby Is Super Cute

What’s cuter, a baby or a puppy? Well, thanks to this super adorable video, you don’t have to choose.

In this cute video by English Bulldog breeders Suburban Bullies, baby Diana gets smothered by an affectionate Bulldog puppy. It’s a little overwhelming!


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Mar 252014
Tiny Puppy Adorably Protects Food Bowl From Big Dog

Tiny puppy Sadie may come in a small package, but he packs a serious punch

While enjoying a bowl of food bigger than him, Sadie protects his dinner from a very hungry Foxey who could squash Sadie like a bug. Still, the giant Foxey doesn’t dare mess with growlin’ David-Sadie. 

Kenny Grant explains perfectly, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”


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Mar 222014
Curious Puppies Adorably Investigate Patient Cat

Finn the cat is one patient kitty. 

His owners just took two foster puppies who are curious as can be. The little pups can’t help but investigate, prod, and poke at Finn. Lucky for them, Finn is extremely kind and accommodating. 

This adorable video of the three animals interacting has gone viral over the week with over 400,000 hits!


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Mar 142014
Puppy Adorably Rolls Down Hill

Kathryn Miller didn’t even teach her precious Bulldog puppy Sophie to roll down a hill, the little pup taught herself. As can been seen in this adorable video, Sophie simply loves rolling down a grassy hill just like a kid. 

It must run in the family, because Sophie’s mom used to do the same thing! 


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Mar 062014
Chevy’s Puppy Dog Commercial Will Leave You Misty Eyed

Chevy learned a lesson from Budweiser’s super successful puppy dog Super Bowl commercial

America’s blue ribbon car company teamed up with Lloyd Lee Choi to produce a similarly touching commercial demonstrating how a dog is a friend for life that no viewer can turn away from.


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