Oct 152012

This older video is now trending more than ever after being featured on sites like SayOMG, TastefullyO, TheDailyWhat, and HuffPost

‘s 9 year old Bernese Mountain dog always likes to go for walks with a leash in his mouth. So when mom and dad got a new adorable puppy, they wondered if maybe Ripley would takes his little 11 week old brother Hudson for a walk.

Adorably, he does!


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Sep 182012

This two week old adorably precious puppy video has started to trend again. Just like so many baby vs lemon videos, here, a very cute Bernese Mountain dog puppy attempts to understand the anomaly that is a lemon. 

Now, the video stands with over 400,000 views, and is showcased on TastefullyO, TheDailyWhat, CollegeHumor, and StuffIStole



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Sep 092012

 shows us an adorable chihuahua puppy that seems fine when held in his hands. But when put down, the puppy shakes and tremors uncontrollably

The sad yet adorable syndrome occurs when a puppy’s brain doesn’t fully develop. Even more sad, this precious shaker puppy didn’t live long. :cry:  


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Aug 242012

Bentley, the fussy Bulldog puppy, is the latest pet to go viral. Just this week, the little pup has amassed over 475,000 views just by being an adorable growling eight week old. 

The video is featured on popular sites like Gawker, TNTMag, CBSNews, TheFW, and Buzzfeed


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Aug 172012

Back in 2010, Katy Perry stormed the summer with her hit single California Gurls. Now, two years later,  gave the song their dog cover treatment. 

With the full candy land backdrop, Katy Puppy ‘sings’ the hit song, and is even helped by her friend, Snoop Dog. 


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