Jan 112013

Stairs can be a terrifying venture for a puppy in a new home. And so was the case for Tim Doucette‘s adorable eight week old foster puppy.

The little guy was too scared to even go down a few steps! Luckily, their six month old lab Simon is a great role model and gave the little fluff ball walking down stairs tutorial that has quickly gone viralviral. 


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Jan 012013

Puppies are a known Christmas winner, but usually they are gifted to kids or girlfriends, not dads. Every knows that dads get ties and power tools.

But not Philip Duskiewicz‘s dad. He knew that everyone loves puppies, including his pops.

And boy was he right. Judging by his father’s adorable reaction to the puppy surprise, it maybe time we retired the power tools for something a little more cute and cuddly for dad next Christmas. The video is quickly trending after being featured on Reddit


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Dec 272012

Allan Dixon published this winter-themed video at the start of the month, but it appropriately only went viral over the Christmas holiday.

What could be better to watch all warm by the fire than Puppy Snow Adventure? Not much. And viewers agree, as the video now has over 70,000 views


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Dec 262012

A first Christmas is always a special event, and Shawna Howson wanted to make sure her puppy’s first Christmas was never forgotten.

So she made this cutesy-artsy video of her and her family’s new Shih-Poo puppy, Sadie, playing together on Christmas Eve. Already, her new holiday video has over 75,000 views, and has been featured YouTubeTrends.


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