Oct 072014
Russian Is Overwhelmed By Pug Puppies

Having a rough day? There’s no way this adorable clip won’t enhance your mood. The older video by Russian YouTuber Анжелика Линник was posted in February, but is trending again now. A Russian man wearing a stereotypical striped shirt lies on the group and is simply overwhelmed by a parade of adorable pug puppies. It’s impossible to not smile. 


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Sep 262014
Close Up Of Dachshund Puppies Running Is Adorable

Is it really a shock that adorable video by Sam Nevens has gone viral with over 750,000 views? The clip features Dachshund puppy dogs running and frolicking in the grass captured close up with a GoPro camera. The results are simply precious, and the Web approves. 


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Sep 252014
Smart German Shepherd Frees Friend From Kennel

Julie Caitlin was confused. She was sure she locked her little puppy Sophie in her kennel, but would often soon see her later playing with her German Shepherd Twitch. Finally, she decided to put a camera on the kennel to confirm her suspicions. What she learned is that Twitch is one smart pooch and had been freeing Sophie so he would have someone to play with. Adorbs! 


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Sep 222014
Budweiser’s Beer Responsible Commercial Will Make You Smile

Budweiser has hit an instant home run with their new ad for Beer Responsible Day, a day to reflect on responsible serving and selling of alcohol beverages. As the famous beer company has had such viral success in the past featuring puppies and dogs, this latest ad also leverages cute pets. The commercial reminds viewers that sleeping over at a friend’s house is a better idea than drinking and driving, and has amassed over 6 million hits over the weekend!


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Sep 132014
Pit Bull Being Reunited With His Rescuer Will Melt You Heart

Owner of Marine Animal society Joey Wagner noticed a pit bull puppy in distress and saved the poor pup. Joey brought the dog to an animal rescue society to get the love and care he needed. Later, Joe came to visit Mojo the pit bull puppy. He and the nurses weren’t sure if Mojo would remember him. He remembered his savior all right!

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