Jan 032015
French Bulldog Puppy Shows Off His Dog Tricks

Most puppies aren’t even house trained by twelve weeks. But Misa Mini‘s tiny french bulldog already knows a slew of dog tricks at the tender age of only twelve weeks old. Watch as Brody Brixton shows off how to shake hands, ring a bell, and more in this instant viral video that already has over 750,000 hits!


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Dec 292014
Boy Is Super Happy To Receive Puppy For Christmas

George O’Leary‘s whole family was upset, but little Billy was really crushed when their 17 year old Yorkie dog passed away. But they decided to make the best of a bad situation, and get a new puppy. For a Christmas surprise, they told Billy that they would have to wait until next year only to give him the best Christmas gift ever, a brand new adorable puppy. 


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Dec 092014
Puppy Growing Up Into A Dog Time Lapse Is Adorable

There are countless time lapse videos of people who take countless photos of themselves as they age from a child into their teens. Greg Coffin decided to make a similar art project with his cute dog Sophia. From the puppy age of two months, viewers can see how she grows into a three year old dog in just a matter of seconds. This pet video has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Dec 062014
Dogs Wearing Booty Slippers Compilation Is The Cutest

At a very young age, humans adapt to wearing socks, shoes, or slippers nearly all the time. After a while it feels weird not wearing something on one’s feet. But dogs are a different story. They have natural shoes on the bottom of their paws, and don’t really understand the concept of footwear. So it’s no wonder most dogs freak out in an adorable confusion when their owners put booties on their feet


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Nov 302014
Puppy Wakes Up And Sings Along To ‘Let It Go’

Brittany Boll‘s puppy doesn’t really care what’s on the radio. While going for a drive, he’ll just take a nap to whatever is playing. That is, unless the Frozen hit song Let It Go is on. Then, the little puppy perks up and sings along to the Disney princess song.  


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