Mar 262012

It’s reported by DailyPicksAndFlicks that this cute pug stole a sausage from the dinner table, so as punishment his master sent him to timeout in the corner. The poor pup gives the best guilty puppy dog face as he slowly sneaks away.

The short and sweet video from China is only a week old, but already has more than 500,000 views, and is featured on TheDailyWhat, Digg, HuffingtonPost, and YouTubeTrends


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Mar 112012

Remember the Wampa dressed pug, also known as the ‘Wam-Pug,’ that went viral last November? Well,  and her pup Chubbs are back again, this time recreating the classic Wampa scene in Empire Strikes Back.

With her adorable pug, some Star Wars action figures, and audio from the original, a much more adorable scene is created that is featured on GeekoSystem and Neatorama


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Nov 132011

Thank God for DVRs, right? Remember back when we had to actually sit through commercials? Uch. This dog also hates commercials, particularly the famous iPhone series. While watching TV on the house projector, this pug freaks out everytime an iPhone commercial interrupts his regularly scheduled programming. The video is featured by TastefullyO and BurnRed


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Nov 122011

All nerds and Star Wars fans know that the Wampa is a greatly feared ice monster indigenous to the frozen planet of Hoth. A ‘Wam-Pug,’ on the other hand, is an adorable pug who’s owner dressed him up in a Wampa costume for Halloween. There’s a clear difference. The video is featured on YouTubeTrends


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