Apr 232014
Man Compares $50 3D-Printed Prosthesis With $42,000 Medical Prosthesis

As everyone who has a family member or friend missing a limb knows, a prosthesis can be quite expensive. Jose Delgado was born without most of his left hand. As a result, he’s had to use expensive prosthetic hands for his whole life.

But now, we are on the cusp of a revolution thanks to new cheap 3D printers. Shockingly, Jose actually prefers the prosthetic hand 3D printed for just $50 compared with his expensive $42,000 medical device. 

This video by 3D Universe has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Nov 042013
Dad Builds Son Prosthetic Hand With 3-D Printer

Leon McCarthy was born missing his fingers on his left hand because of restrictive blood flow in the womb.

But with the help of a relatively cheap 3-D printer, and an inventor on the Internet, his father Paul was able to build him a homemade prosthetic hand for a fraction of what a medical one would have cost.

Michelle Miller of CBS Evening News made this enthralling report about Leon, his dad, and his new special hand. 


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Jul 022013

Christina Stevens was working on her car when a terrible accident occurred, causing the car to fall on her foot. The crash caused vascular damage to such an extent that her foot was basically slowing dying. With few option available, she chose to amputate her foot. 

From the beginning of the difficult process she has been documenting her experience under her YouTube channel AmputeeOT

Since undergoing surgery in February, she has been recovering well.

Once back at work, one of her friends suggested she built a prosthetic leg out of Legos as a joke. Christina decided to take up the challenge under the lens of her YouTube camera.

Now, her video has gone viral. 


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Mar 162013

Back in November, SWNS News reported on Nigel Ackland, a man who lost his arm and received a cutting edge robotic prosthetic arm. Nearly immediately, he was being dubbed as the Terminator or Robocop. 

Now that it’s been a couple months later, Nigel shows the returning camera crew how he is getting along, including how he can now tie his shoes and deal cards. More importantly, he can grab a beer, and take a nice drink with his new hand. 

He also shows how he can look on the bright side of things, such as being able to grab a thorny bush without feeling it.

But he truly puts things in perspective by rhetorically asking viewers, “next time you get dressed, put your trousers on one handed. See how many funny moves you have to make just to get your trousers on.”

The week old video stands with over half a million hits, and is further featured on CambridgeNews, DailyMail, and BuzzPatrol.


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Nov 072012

Nigel Ackland sadly lost his arm in an accident six years ago, but he was lucky enough to be a candidate for a special, super high tech prosthetic arm. The arm has been dubbed the Terminator arm as it looks as such.

But besides for looking bad to the bone, the arm can be controlled by two nerves with 8 presetting to use a computer mouse, grab a key, and even crack some eggs. 

Read more on TechBlog, DailyMail, and Telegraph


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