Jul 222013

There’s nothing like an adorable proposal video to lift your mood and start the work week right.

Australian John proposed to his girlfriend with the help of his pup Spud in a video posted under the YouTube handle MickDeLux. As it’s been done countless times before, he hung the ring box from Spud’s collar for Sarah to discover. 


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Jul 112013

Maggie was all buckled up, ready for her boyfriend Jake Wile to burn rubber on the autocross course at Moore Airfield in Ayer, Ma. But suddenly, in the middle of the track, he ripped up the emergency brake and threw off his helmet. 

“I have to ask you something,” he prefaced. 

“You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met in my life. I want you to be on my team for life. I want you to be my co-driver. Will you marry me?”

Naturally, she said “yes,” and they were met at the starting line by their friends and family toasting them with champagne in plastic cups. 


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Jul 102013

With the dawn of the Internet and YouTube, the bar has been significantly raised for all potential lovers wanting to propose to their significant others in a unique way. There are just so many adorable and viral proposal videos out there.

Not wanting to disappoint his girlfriend, musician Matt Hulbert made a special song just to play in a proposal video showcasing their friends and family holding up signs that read ‘Say Yes.’

For the cherry on top, Matt was able to get actor Zach Braff to open and close the video by donating to Zach’s new movie on Kickstarter


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Jun 122013

When Travis Pratt from Georgia stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage, no one expected him to sing classical opera music of all things. But this is AGT after all. So when he started to sing the timeless Puccini classic O Mio Babbino Caro, the judges’ jaws hit the floor.

And when he knocked the song out of the park, the judges and audience went absolutely wild. 

After being showered with compliments by the judges, Travis admitted that he would never have sang in public if it weren’t for his girlfriend talking him into it.

Howey insisted on meeting her, and once she was on stage, Travis took the once in a life time opportunity to pop the questionOf course, she said, ‘yes.’


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Jun 062013

Not only did Danielle ask her long time girlfriend to get married at the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show in Omaha, Nebraska, but the band and their tour manager helped her do one better by orchestrating this video of her popping the question on stage in front of the entire cheering audience.

Danielle Renae published the video of her emotional marriage proposal in April, but it is trending now after appearing on BuzzFeedUpWorthy, and HuffPost


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