Jan 092013

Every year, Dean and his fellow Aussie family and friends hold a Christmas party to exchange gifts, have a few drinks and laughs, and watch a special movie Garry always puts together showcasing the group’s highlights from the past year. 

This gave Dean a great idea. The movie would be a perfect way to surprise propose to his Texas girlfriend. But simply popping the question on the projector screen is boring, he knew he had to take things a step further. 

So he did what any good boyfriend would do. He gathered his friends into a fake boy band named Fancy, and made a special pop music number and video, titled Abacus, to pop the question. 

Already, the new proposal video has been featured on HuffPost, WebProNews, and Guyism


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Dec 182012

Sean Emory is a true romantic. He’s also a magician. So he knew he had to propose to his long time girlfriend in a very magical way.

The ‘covert operation’ was to ask Andrea to help and work as camerperson for one of his magic videos. 

Little did she know, the climax of the trick was to unveil an engagement ring, and ask her to marry him–all while she recorded her very own proposal

Of course, she said yes!


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Dec 102012

Over the weekend, Mark Rivera went viral for being a perfect romantic. The news anchor had been dating fellow news reporter Alissa Groeninger for three years, and was finally ready to pop the question. 

Naturally, he had to ask her live on the air. Even before he could open the ring box, she had already answered, “Oh, of course!”

The adorable video is already featured on VideoGum, DailyMail, TheFW, and NYDailyNews.  


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Sep 282012

How many unique and creative marriage proposals can people on the Internet think of? Apparently, an infinite amount, because new one-of-a-kind, emotionally moving proposals are constantly being posted online everyday. 

The latest proposal video to make the headlines, appropriately titled ‘In Descent Proposal,’ tells the adorable story of pilot  who took his girlfriend out for a fun day of flying. Once the couple was in the air, Ryan told her that there was a serious problem, and asked for her help going through a checklist. 

She was obviously and appropriately terrified, but when she realized she was reading an engagement proposal, the fear in her face melted off into a big smile of surprise. 


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Jul 272012

, the makers of the classic PC game You Don’t Know Jack, just published this adorable proposal video. Loving boyfriend John set up a YDKJ game for his girlfriend Kara using the online game.

The first three questions were regular. The fourth asked Kara to marry John, complete with the well known Cookie Masterson narrator adding his inappropriate fart jokes. Of course, she said yes, and even clicked the onscreen button.

And the nerds (hopefully) lived happily ever after.

The video has instantly gone viral, and is already covered on TheVerge, Kotaku, and BuzzFocus


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