Nov 232014
school house rock snl

Even many kids these days are familiar with the classic I’m Just A Bill episode from the 1970’s Schoolhouse Rock! educational cartoon. After assuring constituents many times that he wouldn’t take the law into his own hands, President Obama announced last week that he will make an executive order to take on the illegal immigration problem since Congress couldn’t, or wouldn’t, do it themselves.

Saturday Night Live poked fun at the president’s executive order by recreating I’m Just A Bill with an executive order in place of the bill.  


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Aug 192014
Barack Obama Sings ‘Problem’ By Ariana Grande

The crisis in Ukraine, chaos in the Middle East, and the anemic economy in the US. President Barack Obama sure has a lot of problems. So it’s appropriate that Barack sings Problem by Ariana Grande in this new spoof video by Baracks Dubs.


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Aug 062014
Barack Obama Sings ‘Fancy’ By Iggy Azalea

President Barack Obama might be sliding in the polls politically, but he is still extremely popular on a personal level. This new music video by Barack’s Dubs can only help him there. As the Web has seen before, through the magic of computer editing, the president ‘sings’ a pop music hit. This time, Barack sings Fancy by Iggy Azalea


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May 232014
The President Takes a Surprise Walk Around DC

It’s always exciting to see the President of the United States. But it’s even more exciting when it’s completely unexpected. President Barack Obama surprised the people of Washington DC by going for an unexpected walk through town. Naturally, citizens were more than thrilled to see the ‘leader of the free world’ going for a walk through their part of town. This official White House clip has gone viral with over 700,000 views in one day!


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May 212014
President Obama And Vice Pres Joe Biden Unnecessarily Censored

Vice President Joe Biden is famous for accidentally dropping more than a few expletives on a hot mic. But most people are unaware that President Obama has also dropped his fair share of bad words in front of a camera. Of course, this unnecessarily censored video by The Jake Vale Show is just a joke, but it we can’t stop laughing!


Thanks Jack Vale!

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