Jun 152014
Reverse Cheating Prank Is Just Mean

The pranking Viral Brothers have gone viral again. This time, they claimed to end their ongoing prank war to instead prank Eric’s girlfriend. But what Cenek doesn’t know is that the prank war is still on! Eric’s girlfriend is in on the prank. It’s the reverse cheating prank gone wrong. When Eric realizes his girlfriend took things too far after admitting to her that he ‘cheated,’ he nearly breaks down. 

Real or fake, this video has gone viral over the weekend with over 5.5 million views!


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Jun 132014
Movie Trailer Voice Prank Part 2

The Movie Trailer Voice Prank went viral back in September with over 3.5 million views! Jon Bailey, who is famous as the voice of the Honest Trailer guy, walked around town making up trailers about strangers walking by. Now, Break traveled to Universal Studios to bring us part 2 of the hilarious gag. 


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Jun 122014
Invisible Driver Prank In Europe

Magician Rahat has pulled off his invisible driver prank many times in the States. Now, with the help of Toyota, he has brought the prank to Europe. Other drivers, toll booth workers, and passersby were shocked to see a little compact car apparently driving around town all by itself. The cops didn’t seem too amused by the gag. Of course, this is an ad, but an ad well done!


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Jun 102014
‘Thunderstruck’ Flash Mob Prank In Real Life

Everyone knows that girls can’t resist a guy who can play the guitar. Magician and prankster Stuart Edge capitalized on this knowledge for his latest gag. With musicians Shaun Canon and Allie Kay Band hiding out of sight, Stuart asked girls walking what they thought of a guy who can rock. Before they could answer, the musicians swarmed, and performed a flash mob cover of the AC/DC 80′s classic rock song Thunderstruck


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