Jun 152015
Chris Pratt Gets Pranked By Dinosaur

The Internet has seen plenty of dinosaur pranks. But this one is extra special as the person being pranked was Jurassic World star Christ Pratt. The Polish pranksters of SA Wardega had the lucky chance to do just that and now this prank video has instantly gone viral! After catching his breath, Chris admitted the prank was well done. 


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Jun 022015
Famous YouTube Prankster FouseyTube Gets Pranked

What goes around comes around. Yousef from Fousey Tube is one of YouTube’s most famous pranksters. He has over 5.8 million subscribers and over 690 million total video viewsNigahiga decided it was finally time for Yousef to have a taste of his own medicine, so he set up a simple scare prank that took hours to perfectly execute. 


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May 212015
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Surprises Superfan And Officiates His Wedding

As a part of the movie channel Screen Junkies, Nick Mundy gets to interview famous actors and celebrities. But there’s one celebrity that Nick is just a little obsessed with. Dwayne Johnson The Rock. The two have actually become friends after Nick had the chance to meet and interview Dwayne. As a special surprise, The Rock decided to officiate Nick’s wedding and blow his mind. 


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May 162015
Sending Friend Into Wrong House Prank

Connor McCarthy‘s friend was coming over for the first time, so he decided to take advantage of the situation and play a prank on him. He told him he was in the middle of a game and that his parents were out so he should just walk right in. But he gave him the address of a house across the street. Well that’s one way to lose a friend…


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May 122015
World’s Biggest Ballpit Prank Turns Into Unexpected Horror Film

Remember when famous Internet prankster Roman Atwood pranked his wife and turned his house into one giant, epic ball pit? That video went viral and stands with over 33 million views! Short film director Freddie Wong of Rocket Jump teamed up with Roman to make this hilarious parody video in which their ‘World’s Biggest Ballpit Prank’ turns into an unexpected horror short film. Well that escalated quickly. 


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