Jan 272016
If Dogs And People Switched Places At The Vet

In his latest sketch, French comedian Rémi Gaillard took a step away from the comedy to create a video with a philosophical message. Remember that classic Twilight Zone episode when all the regular people were ugly and the ‘ugly’ people were actually beautiful? On a similar note, this prank wonders what the vet would look like if the dogs and people switched places. Kinda creepy. 


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Jan 062016
Female Race Car Driver Pranks Car Shoppers With Intense Test Drive

Mitsubishi wanted to spread the word about their new sporty pickup truck, so they hired Malaysian race car driver Leona Chin to give some unexpected car shoppers a crazy experience. After putting on a show as a clueless car saleswoman, Leona took the car shoppers for a test drive and when she asked to get behind the wheel, she blew them away with some intense drifting and spinning only a pro could perform. 


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Dec 212015
Fake Korean Pop Star Prank

It’s been done before, but never in China. It seems it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you have an entourage of hot girls, photographers, and body guards, people will assume you are important and swarm around you. To demonstrate this, Korean RE-PRODUCTIONS TV hired an entire crew and strolled around shopping mall in Weifang, China. The crowds quickly crew around him like he was PSY or something. This video has instantly gone viral with over 2.5 million views!


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Dec 162015
John Krasinski And Jimmy Kimmel’s 2015 Christmas Prank War

Fans of Jimmy Kimmel know very well that he is good friends in real life with John Krasinski, who is famous for playing Jim on The Office. For years now, the two have had an on going prank war every Christmas. 

This year’s prank battles are better than ever. 


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Dec 152015
Vanish In A Robe Like Obi Wan Prank

As you already most likely know, the Internet is suffering from a serious case of Star Wars fever with The Force Awakens debuting in just a few days. In honor of the new Star Wars movie, magician Rahat has been performing Star Wars themed magic, or Jedi, tricks and pranks. His latest might be his very best of all. 

After performing a very weak disappearing trick at a souvenir shop that was basically just shoplifting, Rahat ran away in his Jedi robes, and suddenly disappeared. Just like Obi Wan did in A New Hope. Seriously, how’d he do that!? 


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