Jun 052014
High School Seniors Prank Principal By Having Mariachi Band Him Around

The graduating senior class of Santa Barbara Unified School District are about to be free from high school forever. As a fun goodbye, the seniors pranked their lovable principal by hiring a mariachi band to follow him around the entire day. This hilarious clip taken in the school hallways of the principal being followed by the Mexican music players has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jun 032014
Ryan Lewis Asks Music Fans About Ryan Lewis

Everyone knows who Macklemore is these day, but what about his producer, DJ, and teammate Ryan Lewis? Not so much. Realizing even the biggest of hip-hop fans aren’t that familiar with Ryan Lewis, Jimmy Fallon sent Lewis himself with no disguise at all to the streets of New York to ask music fans about… Ryan Lewis. This gonna be good. 


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May 272014
NSA Spying Prank

It seems everyday there is another news report about criminal hackers and government agencies spying on regular people using cellphone cameras and laptop webcams. Prankster Jack Vale wants to warn people about this issue, so he pranked his friends and family using their own technology and put together this hilarious video


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May 272014
Hot Girl Car Thief Prank

It’s no secret that it doesn’t take a lot for men to help a young damsel in distress. Break took advantage of this trait by setting up a hot girl car thief prank. An attractive young woman with a coat hanger asked men walking by for help as she locked herself out of her car. But just as the man was about to crack open the door, the ‘real’ owner of the car would come running. Hey that’s my car!


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May 132014
Evil Clown Scare Prank Is Terrifying

Most people are already terrified of clowns. There’s just something so creepy about all that makeup and that permanent smile. The crew of Dm Pranks Productions took the already scary clown to the next level in this terrifying prank. Late at night in the city, the evil clown would jump out of nowhere and smash the head of what looked like a passed out person on the ground. Witnesses make the right decision to instantly run away. 



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