May 122014
Blowing Bubbles At People At Walmart Prank

If you were shopping at Walmart and suddenly saw bubbles you might assume you’re going crazy. That’s the idea behind prankster Jack Vale‘s latest gag. He went to Walmart and, as inconspicuously as possible, blew bubbles behind other shoppers. Their reactions are simply hilarious. 


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May 112014
Instant Spa Prank For Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, Stuart Edge and his friends created an instant spa experience for moms walking the boulevard. Cloaked in dark sweatshirts, Stu and his friends stood by a big red button that read, ‘Push this button if you are a mom!’

When a mom would actually press the button, Stu and his friends would swarm the mom with a comfy chair and all the amenities to pamper and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


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May 092014
Dude Pulls Revenge Ghost Prank On His Friend

After getting pranked by his friend Erik, Viral Brothers set up a terrifying ghost prank to get some sweet, sweet revenge. He put a scary ghost mannequin in the middle of nowhere, and went for a drive with Erik. He claimed he had to pee, so he pulled over right by the ghost. After pretending to be scared by the ghost, he ran back into the car to scare the pants off of Erik as there was also a girl dressed as a ghost in the back seat waiting for her cue. 


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May 022014
Jerk Explains How To Sneak Into Any Sports Game

Let’s face it. Going to the baseball stadium is way too expensive these days. After paying for tickets, a hot dog, and beer, you’re basically broke. That inspired this genius/jerk from The Hacks Of Life to explain how to sneak into any sporting event, get a free hot dog, and trick a kind stranger out of his beer. Sure his ethics may seem questionable, but it’s that’s OK, because the video is most likely fake. And be warned, he’s got a foul mouth too. 


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May 012014
Jimmy Fallon And Cameron Diaz Photobomb Tourist Photos On Top Of The Rock

Back in March, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and his guest Jon Hamm pranked a slew of tourist who were offered a free photo on top of the 30 Rock building, often referred to The Top Of The Rock. Just before the the picture was taken, Jimmy and Jon jumped outta nowhere and photobombed the picture good.  

After such a success, Jimmy has decided to play the same game with his guest Cameron Diaz. The results are hilarious. 


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