Oct 062015
Scary Coat Rack Prank

Now that October is here it’s time for scary pranks! And there’s no one better for scary pranks than Magician Rahat. After ordering food for delivery, he set up an electric coat rack by the front door that becomes a scary monster. 

The food delivery folks were not that happy with the prank


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Oct 032015
Jay Leno Goes Undercover As An Uber Driver

Many people aren’t aware that when Uber originally launched it was only focused on offering luxury rides. Even though he has passed the torch of The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon a while ago, Jay Leno is still pretty famous and recognizable. So will people realize their Uber Black driver is actually Jay??


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Oct 012015
Hillary Supporters Actually Like Donald Trump’s Tax Plan

Love him or hate him, it seems the media can’t get enough of the Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump. Naturally, most Democrats and supporters of Hillary Clinton loathe ‘The Donald.’ To show that there are fools on all sides of the aisle, Jimmy Kimmel had his camera crew find Hillary supporters and trick them into admitting they support Trump’s tax plans. Oops. 


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Sep 282015
Switching Drivers At The Drive Thru Prank

He’s probably most famous online pranking the workers at the drive thru. Now, magician Rahat is back for another epic fast food drive thru prank. This time, he teamed up with fellow YouTube prankster Jack Vale. After ordering at the drive thru, the two would quickly swap from the driver’s seat leaving the fast food workers stunned. 


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Sep 162015
Door Knocker Comes To Life And Yells At  Solicitors

It doesn’t really matter where you live in the world, it seems everyone hates being bothered at home by an unexpected solicitor trying to sell you something. Realizing this, New Zealand energy company Energy Online made this hilarious prank video in which solicitors are scared off by a very alive door knocker that yells at them. This hilarious commercial has gone viral with over one million views!


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