Sep 182013
Flying Eagle Point Of View

YouTuber Srachi posted this incredible nature video two days ago, and now the viral video has amassed over 600,000 views!

Somehow, a bald eagle was outfitted with a camera to allow online viewers to experience the amazing point of view of a flying bird. The video is already featured on UpRoxx, CollegeHumor, and Yababoon


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Sep 062013
Mirror’s Edge Parkour POV

In anticipation of the sequel for the popular Mirror’s Edge video game, YouTube channel Ampisound made this hair-raising Mirror’s Edge Parkour POV tribute video. In just two days, the new video has amassed over 750,000 views, and is covered on WebProNews, CheezBurger, and YouTubeTrends


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Sep 032013
Groom Wears POV Hidden Camera During Wedding

Most people confess that their wedding day seems a blur in their memory. There’s just so much happening at once, it’s impossible to soak it all in. 

So that his wedding day will always be crystal clear for him, his wife, and their offspring, Michael Kammes leveraged his technical know-how and set up a unique hidden camera to record their special day from his perspective. 

Rarely do we see the wedding from the groom’s point of view. That is until Google Glass becomes the norm. 


Thanks for sending us your video, Michael. 

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Jul 032013

Athlete and Ampisound team member James Kingston donned a GoPro camera and pulled off some hair-raising parkour moves off the tops of buildings and homes in Cambridge, England. 

Now, the point-of-view video by traceurelements has gone viral, garnering over half a million hits in less than a week. 

Music is Placid Acid by Tourist. 


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Jun 252013

That Juggler Guy traveled around the beautiful countryside of Iceland taking GoPro footage of him juggling yellow balls from his own perspective. 

After the trip, he sewed a slew of clips from his adventures into this artsy juggling video, titled Juggling Around Iceland, that is now trending after appearing on Reddit

The music is Nýfallið Regn by Ásgeir Trausti.


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