Feb 122016
Toy Train Escapes From Mine

MadMovieMakers took his model train set to the next level by putting a camera on the engine. After setting everything up, he created this heart racing video in which a train escapes from a collapsing underground mine. 


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Dec 082015
What It Would Be Like To Visit A Roller Coaster Tycoon Park

Even though it’s years old at this point, Roller Coaster Tycoon is still extremely popular. It practically invented the tycoon-strategy video game genre. Wouldn’t it be cool to actually visit an amusement park in Roller Coaster Tycoon? You can’t do that just yet, but this new video Andrew M Films might be the next best thing. 


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Nov 102015
Daredevil Climbs The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in the world. When someone goes to France, the Tower is a must visit. As it is such a popular destination, there is of course a very large police presence in the area. But that didn’t sway daredevil James Kingston from his dream of climbing the world famous tower. This video taken from his helmet camera has instantly gone viral and is guaranteed to take your breath away. 


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Aug 202015
Real Life First Person Video Game Through Chatroulette

Older nerds will remember the really old video games that were actually more digital version of choose your own adventure books than a video game. Many barely had graphics and were mostly just text. Well the geeks at Realm Pictures have taken this concept into the future. Using a great cast of characters, they made a dynamic first person style game for users of Chatroulette to play. Players simply told the character who was wearing a helmet camera where to go and what to do in a world filled with zombies and monsters! So cool! 


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Aug 202015
Daredevil Jumps Off 59 Meter Cliff

There are few things more intimidating than jumping off of the high dive at the swimming pool for the first time. Well imagine that but times a million. Cliff jumper Laso Schaller takes viewers with him for his latest stunt as he wore a helmet camera as he looked over the edge of a 59 meter tall cliff. And then he jumped, reaching speeds over 120 km/h. Just watching the clip can make you dizzy. 


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