Dec 182013
John Mayer And Katy Perry Who You Love Music Video

How do you get more spotlight as a musician these days? Collaborate with Katy Perry of course. 

Acoustic blues rocker John Mayer made just that decision and teamed up with the Roar artist for his newest song Who You Love

And his strategy seemed to have worked as the new video is trending with over 1.5 million views already. 


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Dec 122013
Misheard Song Lyrics From 2013

Everyone knows that the words really don’t matter in pop music. It’s all about the beat and how the chorus sounds and feels. 

To demonstrate this, Pleated-Jeans sifted through all the 2013′s most popular songs and tracks, and added incorrect subtitles of what the lyrics sound like, correct or not. 

Suddenly, the songs really sound like the incorrect lyrics. 


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Dec 112013
Extraneous Lyrics Parody Cover Of 2013 Pop Songs

Last year,  went viral with their humorous take on pop music hits, covering 2012 songs with complex and extraneous grammar.

Now, they’ve returned to again cover the most popular songs from the past 12 months, such as RoarRadioactive, and more, with Extraneous Lyrics.


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Dec 092013
Farmers Spoof Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ With ‘Chore’

The Peterson Farm Brothers are famous online for their farmer-themed parodied of pop music hits. They’ve gone viral in the past, spoofing songs like Gangnam Style, and even the Fresh Prince to Bel-Air theme song

Now, they’ve finally returned to parody one of the most popular songs on the web, Roar by Katy Perry. 

Naturally, as they are hard working countrymen, they cover the song as Chore.


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Dec 092013
Acoustic Pop Medley 2013

To stand out from the crowd, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui made a 2013 pop medley with no remixing or auto-tuning. 

Instead, Sam sang pop hits from the past 12 months, like We Can’t StopBest Song Ever, and more, accompanied by only Kurt on the acoustic guitar. 


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