Jul 292014
Poor Cocoa Farmers Taste Chocolate For First Time

Everyone loves a piece of melt in your mouth chocolate, but have you ever thought where the cocoa comes from? Most of the world’s cocoa comes from the poorest regions of the world. As this Metropolis reports, the cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast are so poor, they can’t even afford what their cocoa becomes. It’s shocking, but they have never tasted chocolate before! When they get their first taste they understand why it is so popular.  


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Jul 282014
John Oliver On Nuclear Weapons

In the 1950′s and 60′s, people were truly terrified of nuclear annihilation. Today, that all seems so ridiculous and dated. Who’s actually afraid of being hit by an atomic bomb? But as John Oliver explains on his late night show Last Week Tonight, the threat is more real than ever today. 



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Jul 232014
Hearse Caravan Carrying MH17 Victims Through The Netherlands Is Chilling

Finally, the victims of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 have left Ukraine and have returned home to the Netherlands. In a tragic, one of a kind funeral procession, a caravan of hearses transported the deceased to the city of Hilversum, where forensic experts were waiting to identify the remains.

NOS published this powerful video of the hearse caravan. Countless people on the highway and the overpasses clapped to show their respects. 

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Jul 212014
John Oliver On The American Prison System

The USA has a serious prison problem. It’s shocking to learn, but America actually has more prisoners than China! You know the ‘evil’ communist country with over one billion citizens. So when did American become the prison capital of the world and why did our free country turn out this way? John Oliver of Last Week Tonight covers the topic in this viral segment


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Jul 142014
John Oliver On The Wealth Gap In America

America is the richest country in the world, but it also has one of the worst cases of income inequality, explains John Oliver, host of the HBO late night show Last Week Tonight. Just last year, the top 1% of Americans took home nearly 20% of all the income. The wealth gap hasn’t been this bad since the 1920′s. That can’t be a good sign…  


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