Nov 172014
Teens React To Malala Yousafzai

Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai was only eleven years old when she first spoke out for girl’s educational rights in Pakistan. Since then she has received countless honors and awards for her daring work, including speaking at the United Nations and being the youngest person to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Now, she is seventeen years old, and still fighting the good fight. But do American teenagers who have it so good in comparison even know who she is? The Fine Brothers wanted to find out, so they introduced a group of teens to Malala to see how they react


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Nov 132014
Seinfeld In Australian Parliament

Seinfeld may have ended over fifteen years ago, but incredibly, it is still on the air. The Internet was only in its infant stage back in 1998, but Seinfeld still continues to seem relevant online. Now, this ridiculous spoof by Huw Parkinson is the latest Seinfeld video to go viral online. With hilarious editing, the Australian Parliament was transformed into a sitcom starring everyone’s favorite characters about nothing. Cue music


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Nov 112014
College Students Can’t Answer Simple American Politics Questions

Americans have a pretty bad name around the world for being uneducated ignoramuses. Texas Tech’s new student political organization Poli Tech wanted to test if we deserve such a bad reputation. They walked around Texas Tech asking students simple American history and politics questions, such as who won the Civil War and who is the current vice-president. Their answers will disappoint you.

Now, this video has gone viral with over 700,000 views!


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Nov 102014
John Oliver Discusses The Lottery

Everybody dreams of winning the lottery, but most realize that it’s a fantasy that will never come true. Still, millions of people spend billions of dollars each year on lotto tickets chasing the idea of becoming a quick millionaire. That’s fine, but should the government really be in the gambling business, promoting the lottery as a positive force for the community? John Oliver doesn’t think so. 


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Oct 062014
John Oliver On Civil Forfeiture

Most Americans are unaware that state and federal governments can simply seize your assets, your property, and even your cash, and you don’t have to be convicted any crime for it to happen. It’s called asset forfeiture, and it is becoming more common everyday in this country. It’s basically legalized robbery by the government. And you thought taxes were bad. John Oliver covers this frightening law in this new segment


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