Oct 182015
SNL Recreates The 2015 Democratic Debate

After the Republican debate that Trump was the spotlight of, everyone was psyched for the Democratic debate which was last week. Saturday Night Live perfectly recreated the debate last night with Jim Webb played by Alec Baldwin, Bernie Sanders played by Larry David, and Hillary Clinton played by SNL actress Kate McKinnon. 


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Oct 052015
John Oliver On Mental Health In America

For decades now, people have been talking about the lack of help for the mentally ill in America. Most of the time, people with emotional problems are treated as criminals. Our prisons are packed with those suffering from mental issues. John Oliver discusses the awful state of mental health in America in this trending video


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Oct 052015
Why The TSA Doesn’t Stop Terrorist Attacks

For decades, it seemed like flying couldn’t get any worse. The cramped conditions, the terrible service, the price, flying was just awful. But then 9/11 happened, and Congress gave us the TSA. There are literally countless news reports and videos of TSA agents acting inappropriately, stealing, and even harassing cancer patients. But at least they keep us safe, right? Well according to Adam of College Humor, they don’t even do that!


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Oct 012015
Hillary Supporters Actually Like Donald Trump’s Tax Plan

Love him or hate him, it seems the media can’t get enough of the Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump. Naturally, most Democrats and supporters of Hillary Clinton loathe ‘The Donald.’ To show that there are fools on all sides of the aisle, Jimmy Kimmel had his camera crew find Hillary supporters and trick them into admitting they support Trump’s tax plans. Oops. 


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Sep 292015
Vegan Protesters Disrupt Steak House

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and can choose their own lifestyle. But it’s not cool when you start attacking other people for their choices. A group of vegans decided to spread their pro-animal message by protesting at a fancy steak house and ruining everyone’s meal. Ya, this is how you give your movement a bad name. 


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