May 032015
Councilman Forgets to Turn His Mic Off When He Goes To The Bathroom

Is there anything more embarrassing than people hearing you go to the bathroom? One councilman from Georgetown, Texas made the mistake of leaving his microphone on when he went to the bathroom. Mayor pro tem Rachael Jonrowe couldn’t help but crack a smile when she heard water running on the speaker system. She tried to push through all the bathroom noises, but ended up giggling with the entire chamber. 


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Apr 202015
John Oliver Discusses Patent Trolls

Patents are an important part of modern society that allows creators and inventors to maintain the rights to their inventions. Without patents, creators would have no incentive to push the envelope as their ideas would easily be stolen. 

But today we have a different problem. Patent trolls. Lawyers and firms who attempt to patent any idea they can think of in order to sue other people and companies. And this trend is getting out of control. John Oliver discusses patent trolls in this week’s Internet segment of his late night show Last Week Tonight. 


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Apr 192015
Senator Pat Robert’s Frozen Ringtone Goes Off During Hearing

Republican Senator Pat Roberts from Kansas had an embarrassing moment during a recent Senate Finance Committee hearing on Capital Hill. Not only did his phone go off during the serious event, but everyone recognized the Let It Go ringtone from Frozen.

Spectators couldn’t help but giggle a bit. 


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Apr 162015
Little Boy Cries Because He Wants To Be President Instead Of Hilary Clinton

The media was buzzing when Hillary Clinton announced on Sunday that she is running for president in 2016. But little Zeke was crushed by the news. He broke down in tears and exclaimed that he wanted to run for president instead of Hilary. 

Now, this cute video by Erin Celello has gone viral with over 115,000 views!


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Apr 132015
John Oliver Discuesses The IRS

After the fun of April first wears off, people quickly become depressed with April 15th just around the corner, better known as tax day. But even though everyone seems to hate the Internal Revenue Service, they still perform an important job explains John Oliver in this latest video. Just give him a couple minutes and he’ll somehow leave you actually feeling bad for IRS employees. 


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