Mar 062014
Lammily, The Anti-Barbie Doll Based On Normal, Healthy Proportions, Is Now For Sale

Back in the summer, pictures of what a Barbie doll based on normal, healthy proportions went viral

“Average is beautiful” is the slogan. 

Nickolay Lamm was the creator of the doll, named Lammily. Countless mothers and girls asked where they could find her. 

Now, Nick is happy to announce that Lammily has become a reality and will soon be for sale. 

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Mar 062014
John Green Explains The Crisis In Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia have been in the headlines for weeks now. Still, many Americans are confused by the political crisis brewing in Ukraine and how Russia is involved. 

Thankfully, Internet nerd fighter John Green of the Vlog Brothers has stepped forward to explain the situation in simple terms. 


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Mar 012014
Obama Jokes That “We’re building Iron Man”

CNN reports that last week President Obama gave a speech at a White House manufacturing innovation event and made a humorous superhero joke. 

“Today I am joined by researchers who invent some of the most advanced metals, designers who are modeling prototypes in the digital cloud… basically I’m here to announce we’re building Ironman,” he joked.

“I’m gonna blast off in a second,”he added. 

The video has since gone viral over the week with over 1.1 million views.  


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Feb 262014
Seth Rogen’s Opening Statement Before Senate Hearing On Alzheimer’s Disease

Seth Rogen is a popular Hollywood actor and comedian, but he put (most of) the jokes and giggles to the side to testify before a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services concerning Alzheimer’s Research.

C-SPAN published this video of Seth’s opening statement for the hearing in which he tells the touching story about his in-laws and their struggle with the dementia disease. 


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Feb 192014
What Would You Do If You Found A Boy Outside Without A Jacket In The Winter PSA

This powerful PSA by Norwegian charity group SOS Barnebyer has instantly gone viral with over one million views since debuting today. 

The group had a young boy sit at a bus stop without a coat in the Norwegian winter with a hidden camera set up. Will passersby help the young boy? Of course.

All they ask is that viewers do the same for Syrian children who have no jackets due to the bloody civil war. 

(Don’t forget to press the ‘CC’ button for English subtitles.)


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