Apr 152016
Jimmy Fallon Calls Ted Cruz As Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, everyone agrees that Donald Trump has finally given the late night hosts something to talk about and have fun with. Since Jimmy Fallon was hosting Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, he decided to have some fun by calling Ted as The Donald. Jimmy sure loves his impressions. 


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Apr 142016
Russian Figher Jets Fly Dangerously Close To US Navy Vessel

The Cold War officially ended after the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s. But some think that with all the proxy wars going on in the Middle East that the relationship between the US and Russia could be chilling again. 

Now, the U.S. Navy has just published this new clip of a Russian aircraft flying dangerously close to a United States Navy Destroyer operating in international waters in the Baltic Sea.


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Apr 112016
John Oliver On Credit Reports

Today, your credit score follows you everywhere. This is no escape in our modern world. And that means a bad credit score can literally ruin your life. Employers, landlords, and banks all consider your credit before dealing with you. 

John Olive of Last Week Tonight discusses credit reports in this new segment. 


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Apr 102016
Hillary Clinton Addresses Her Losing Streak

For decades, Saturday Night Live has been famous for their hilarious impressions of famous celebrities and politicians. SNL actress Kate McKinnon is by far their best Hillary Clinton impersonator in years. To open last night, SNL had “Hillary” addresses her recent bumpy ride in the race to win more delegates than her Democratic competitor Bernie Sanders. 


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Apr 062016
Woman Screams At Governor Rick Scott

Usually, when a big name politician like a governor visits a local coffee shop citizens line up to take photos and shake their hand. But one woman at a Starbucks jumped at the chance to scream at Governor Rick Scott about her lack of Medicaid coverage.

Now, this video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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