Apr 162015
Little Boy Cries Because He Wants To Be President Instead Of Hilary Clinton

The media was buzzing when Hilary Clinton announced on Sunday that she is running for president in 2016. But little Zeke was crushed by the news. He broke down in tears and exclaimed that he wanted to run for president instead of Hilary. 

Now, this cute video by Erin Celello has gone viral with over 115,000 views!


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Apr 132015
John Oliver Discuesses The IRS

After the fun of April first wears off, people quickly become depressed with April 15th just around the corner, better known as tax day. But even though everyone seems to hate the Internal Revenue Service, they still perform an important job explains John Oliver in this latest video. Just give him a couple minutes and he’ll somehow leave you actually feeling bad for IRS employees. 


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Apr 062015
John Oliver Discusses Government Surveillance

The issue of government surveillance has been part of the national conversation ever since the PATRIOT Act was enacted. But it has been taken more seriously since Edward Snowden leaked secret information in 2013 about the NSA’s data collection programs.

But there are even more government programs to collect personal data about private citizens that most people have never heard of. John Oliver reviews the seriousness of this topic with a humorous twist in this extended video.


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Apr 052015
SNL Pokes Fun At Scientology With Parody ‘Neurotology’ Music Video

The controversial Church of Scientology is known for suing anyone who dares stand up to them. But after an extensive investigation, HBO has shed light on the secretive church with their brand new documentary Going Clear.

Saturday Night Live was apparently inspired by the documentary, and poked fun at Scientology with this parody music video for a very similar sounding religion called Neurotology.


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Mar 292015
Monsanto Scientist Claims Roundup Is Safe To Drink, But Refuses To Taste Any

Monsanto is the giant multi-national corporation that is behind many famous agriculture products, such as Miracle Grow and Roundup. They are often attacked for peddling unsafe products. During an interview with French cable channel Canal+, Monsanto scientist Dr. Patrick Moore claimed Glyphosate, the chemical name for Roundup, was perfectly safe to drink. But when offered a glass of the weed-killer by the interviewer, he refused, and said, “No. I’m not stupid.”

Now this video has gone viral! What do you think?


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