Aug 202016
Bad Lip Reading Of The Democratic National Convention

The Democrats made history by choosing Hillary Clinton as their nominee weeks ago, but Bad Lip Reading has only now debuted this hilarious parody of the political event in which they replace the words of famous politicians with nonsense. 


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Aug 152016
John Oliver On Auto Lending

Cars are a necessity for most Americans as public transportation in even the biggest of cities is barely good enough to get around town efficiently. That’s one reason why auto loans are booming. But that might not be a good thing, says John Oliver. 


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Aug 142016
Cat Runs From Donald Trump On TV

Donald Trump is arguably one of the most polarizing politicians to run for the office of president as a nominee from a major political party in modern time. People either really, really loathe him or extremely adore him. 

This cat is clearly not one of the latter. 


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Jul 312016
The Simpsons Choose Between Hillary And Trump

The entire country, and much of the world, is deciding who they will be voting for this November. Most of us don’t know which is worse, Trump or Clinton. Marge and Homer Simpson choose in this short viral excerpt. 


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Jul 302016
Awesome Judge Rebukes Jail Staff After They Refused To Give Inmate Pants

A Louisville judge is ‘winning’ the Internet this weekend after this court room video has gone viral. A woman was taken into custody for shoplifting, and was in jail for 3 days without pants. When the judge realized the defendant with no record was being charged so sternly she quickly reduced the sentence. But when she realized that she still had no pants on even in front of the court, she went ballistic on the jailhouse and guards. 

“What the hell is going on?!?”


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