Mar 022015
John Oliver Reviews Just How Bad America’s Crumbling Infrastructure Is

America’s infrastructure used to be the envy of the world. But after building countless bridges, highways, and dams over the past 100 years, they are all in desperate need of attention. Just how bad have things gotten? John Oliver reviews the extent of America’s crumbling infrastructure in this extended video.

For dessert, he shows a hilarious fake movie trailer about infrastructure maintenance starring real Hollywood stars like Edward Norton. 


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Feb 052015
People Try Foie Gras For The First Time

Foie Gras has become more controversial than ever after California banned the decadent dish. Most people are against the fatty goose or duck liver delicacy because of the brutal way the birds are force fed in cages their entire lives.

But BuzzFeed found a chef who only deals with free range ducks for his foie gras, so they decided to hold a test taste for people who have never tried the meaty treat. Would you ever eat foie gras?


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Dec 222014
JibJab’s 2014 Year In Review

Online viewers have become accustomed to Jib Jab‘s end of the year wrap up videos. Back before YouTube even existed, the musical comedy channel would go viral as friends and families would forward and email the hilarious end of the year songs to each other. Though they aren’t as famous as they once were, their content is still a good watch. Here’s Jib Jab’s 2014 year in review


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Dec 172014
Mom Calls C-SPAN To Rebuke Her Debating Political Pundit Sons

Brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse are both interested in politics, but sit on the complete opposite sides of the aisle. The two political pundit brothers were debating on C-SPAN‘s Washington Journal when they received a very unexpected guest caller: their mother. Both brothers quickly dropped their heads in embarrassment the moment they heard Mom who rebuked the two over their constant bickering. 

Oh God, it’s Mom!”


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Dec 152014
Time Lapse Of New York City Anti-Police Brutality March

The media may have moved on, but the masses are still very upset over the lack of an indictment of the police officer who put Eric Garner in a choke hold during an attempted arrest that lead to his passing. Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets over the weekend for a ‘millions march’ with the help of the trending hashtag #MillionsMarchNYC

Vinay Pulim had his camera recording from a building above 6th Ave and 29th St., and put together this inspiring time lapse of the impressive march over an hour and a half. That’s a lot of people! 


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