Jan 272016
Traveler Gets His Own Private Jet When No One Else Books A

Don’t you just love it when there is an empty seat next to you on a flight so you aren’t squished? Traveler Diary of Alex got something kind of like that, but so much more! While flying to Boracay in the Philippines, he was thrilled to discover that he was the only person on the flight besides for the pilot and crew. First class service for coach prices!


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Jan 202016
Pilot Fakes Emergency To Propose To Girlfriend

It’s hard to be original online these days. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate something as your own. After seeing the viral video of a pilot proposing to his girlfriend during a fake emergency while flying, Ogotrice decided to try the same thing. Aww, congratulation! 


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Dec 222015
Loose Cat On Airplane Is Like A Scene Out Of A Sitcom

Unless it is a special case, such as with a service dog, nearly all airlines put traveling pets with the luggage. For some reason, a cat was allow on Kandra Covert‘s Delta flight. But when the feline somehow escaped its cage, things went a little crazy on-board. “What a CATastrophe!” The flight attendants had no idea what to do! This video has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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Dec 142015
Commercial A350 Flight Leaving USA Aborts At Last Minute Of Takeoff

It’s always a good feeling when the flight you’ve been waiting for finally begins to move. At last, takeoff is about to start and trip will begin. That good feeling ended very quickly for the passengers of an A350 jetliner leaving JFK airport in New York City. After hitting speeds of 100 mph, the plane suddenly aborted takeoff. Apparently, the computers on the plane calculated that the runway was too short and applied the brakes automatically. Thankfully, no one was hurt and a much worse disaster was averted. 


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Nov 172015
Bored Private Jet Pilot Made ‘I Sit Around’ Spoof Of Beach Boys

The life of a pilot might seem like an exciting one. But for the most part, it’s extremely boring. Especially for a private jet pilot. Mike Wagner just happens to be a private jet pilot, and finds that he and his coworkers just sit around all day waiting for the actual flight to begin. So he decided to use his time wisely, and made this highly entertaining music video parody of the classic Beach Boys song I Get Around, but instead as I Sit Around


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