Nov 032014
Speedo On Plane Prank Goes Wrong

French comedian Jerome Jarre is famous for his outrageous Vine videos. But one of his most recent pranks almost landed him in jail! While flying from Mexico to Miami, he slipped into the airplane bathroom for a quick wardrobe change. He exited wearing nothing but a Speedo and a ridiculous inflatable duck. Security was not pleased with his prank and he was escorted off the plane by over ten police. 


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Oct 122014
Fireplane Puts Out Semi-Truck Accident Fire

What does a firefighter do when there’s an accident in a remote area, and there’s no readily available water to put the fire out? The fire boss calls in a water drop on the area. Watch as this pilot performs a perfect water drop on a semi-truck accident fire that firefighters couldn’t suffocate on their on. Epic! 


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Oct 082014
Handheld Paper Airplane Folder And Launcher Is Awesome

There’s a lot of talk abut 3D printers these days, but what are they good for besides for printing silly knick knacks and toys? German paper airplane enthusiast Papierfliegerei demonstrates the true potential of 3D printing with this year old video that has only gone viral now.

Using his expertise, he built a handheld paper airplane launcher. The shooter takes a piece of paper and pulls it through a short assembly line until finally launching the new plane into the air. So cool!


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