Feb 252013

You know in the movies when a character discovers a secret society? There’s always the soft, yet powerful, singing in the background with red candles strewed everywhere. Members usually wear robes with hoods or masks to conceal their faces.

Tim King decided to prank the pizza guy in a similar fashion. He gathered his best friends to imitate a secret society meeting and weird out the Hoboken Pizza guy.

The pizza delivery guy makes the bit. As the door opens, he immediately announces, “This looks awesome. Don’t know if I want to come in, but I will anyways. Holy s**t!”

Now, the ridiculous prank video has gone viral over the weekend, 


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Feb 062013

Takeru Kobeyashi is of course the famous speed eater from Japan whose won too many Nathan’s hot dog eating contests to count. Over the Superbowl last Sunday, Takeru was at a party like millions of other people.

Naturally speed eating came up in conversation. Finally, he was bet if he could eat an entire pizza in just 60 seconds. He does not disappoint. Now, the video has over a quarter million views so far. 


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Sep 262012

It seems backwards, but for some reason, Pizza Hut in the Middle East continues to promote new outrageous pizza inventions and concoctions. Remember the Crown Crust Pizza from a few months ago?

Well, Pizza Hut ME is back with another out of bounds pizza crust variety. The ‘Cone Crust Pizza‘ has little cones stuffed with cream cheese honey chicken. Not sure if gross or delicious…

The real question is why does the Pizza Hut keep testing such ridiculous food inventions in the Middle East? Wouldn’t it make more sense to try out the ridiculous pizza flavors and styles on the biggest eaters in the world? Us, the Americans?

The new commercial has gone viral, and is covered by CafeMom, Vibe, and FoodBeast


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Apr 182012

EV’s, or electric vehicles, are great for your pocket book as well as the environment, but there are some down sides. One particular problem is sound. Or lack thereof. 

Engineers didn’t realize that engine noise is actually safer for pedestrians, as they can hear oncoming traffic. But many EV’s are completely silent. To combat this, now most EV’s are actually equipped with speakers on the outside of the car.

 in the Netherlands took things to another level. Since they wanted their delivery scooters to be extra safe, they added a fake engine sounds. But they aren’t your typical engine sounds. No, they added Domino’s themed sounds. Just take a listen. Now that’s creative. 


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