Dec 022013
Sign Spinner Ninja Stop Pizza Place Robbery

Special effects studio Corridor Digital has returned to the web to delivery this delicious slice of short film action. 

The Internet has seen its fair share of sign spinners, but none as hardcore as this Sign Spinner Ninja who stops a pizza place robbery. 

“You wanna pizz-a me?” 


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Oct 212013
Homeless Pizza Party Prank

It seems ‘good-deed pranks’ are finally cool online as more and more famous YouTubers have turned to charity instead of buffoonery. 

For their latest prank, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady tricked their good friend who runs a pizza place to throw a pizza party for the homeless

After convincing their friend into giving them the keys and the code to the pizza parlor late one night, they made thirty pizzas, dropped a mound of cash for all the ingredients, and took to the streets and the homeless shelter to brighten the day of those less fortunate. 

Finally, a prank that not only makes viewers smile, but others in the video as well!

The ‘prank’ is reminiscent of their past video with Tom Mabe when they anonymously ordered a free pizza for a homeless couple. 


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Oct 162013
Zombie In Free Pizza Box Prank

Prankster couple Jesse Welle and Jeanna of Prank vs Prank decided to leave their rift to the side to finally team up and prank the public in honor of Halloween

Together with the help of Totinos, they set up a free pizza stand on South St. in Philadelphia, and tempted passersby to take a slice. Even those assuming there was a catch opened the box only discover a terrifying zombie girl inside.

But it’s OK, because they all walked away with some free Totinos snacks as a consolation prize. 


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Oct 012013
Magic Tip For Pizza Delivery

Of all jobs, pizza delivery guys really have it rough. They must drive at all hours of the night on their own gas money, and often are tipped only a few bucks, if anything.

And let’s not even bring up the common scammers who rob them. 

So to bring some light their day, popular magician and positive prankster Stuart Edge not only gave his pizza delivery guys a smile with a magic trick, but also some serious cold, hard cash

After giving them five singles, Stu called on his inner Harry Potter to turn the singles to twenties, for a total of a $100 tip!

“OOHH! Magic trick! That’s awesome!”


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Sep 202013
Ordering Pizza In 2015 Demonstrates The End Of Personal Privacy

This eye-opening video by Andrei Bart was posted in 2010, but is experiencing new viewership after being featured on TastefullyOffensive

The clip demonstrates how ordering pizza in the future will be after nearly all government and corporate personal data is terrifyingly merged. 

As the pizza place will most likely have access to your banking information, health data, and more, ordering the ‘double meat special’ will cost extra as you will have to cover for your high cholesterol. 

Are all these gizmos, social networks, and technology worth the prices? Only time will tell. 

The clip is actually inspired by an original ACLU video published in 2009 with the same premise. 


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