May 082014
Tiny Hamster Eats A Tiny Pizza

Last week, Denizen went viral with his adorable video of a tiny hamster eating a perfectly made tiny burrito. That video stands with over 6 million views!

As the Internet encourages copycats, Aprils Animals has made a similar video after being inspired by Denizen. Instead of Mexican food, they chose to serve their adorable rodent some Italian. Pizza of course. Simply precious! 


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Mar 042014
Ellen Finally Tips The Pizza Guy At The Oscars

Many viewers at home thought that the pizza deliveryman at the Oscars was a fake gag.

Nope, Edgar is a real pizza man who actually owns the shop that made all the pizzas for the Academy Awards.

After such an epic delivery, Ellen felt bad that she never properly tipped him, so she invited Edgar onto her show to tell the behind the scenes story of delivering pizza to the Oscars and give him his much deserved tip of $1,000.  


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Feb 212014
Pizza Delivery Guy Throws Pizza Up To Third Story Window

Talk about extreme fast delivery!

Thomas Scott Oldbury recorded one pizza deliveryman hand-tossing a pizza up to the customer’s window three stories high. And it was a perfect throw on the first try!

Be warned, the cameraman yells out an inappropriate word in his excitement.  


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