Jan 272016
How To Make Pixar-Style Ratatouille

Most of us never heard of ratatouille until we saw the popular Pixar cooking movie starring the talent chef mouse Remy. The final dish in the movie is just so stunning and looks delicious. Ever wonder how to make it?

Thankfully, Chef Steps demonstrates how to make the eggplant and zucchini dish inspired from the Pixar film. 


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Oct 272015
Honest Trailer Of Inside Out

Nearly everything Pixar touches turns into magic. Their latest feature film, Inside Out, in no exception. Fans of the movie nerds at Screen Junkies begged them to review the popular animated film with one of their famous honest trailers. As usual, they hit the nail right on the head.


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Oct 042015
Everything Wrong With WALL-E

One of Pixar’s most believed films is WALL-E. Not only is it endearing and funny, but it’s also an original film. But just because it’s a Pixar movie doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The movie critics of Cinema Sins explain all the problems and ‘sings’ from WALL-E in this viral 12 minute movie review


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Jul 312015
Everything Wrong With The Incredibles

The Incredibles was one of Pixar’s most creative films. They took the overdone story line of superheroes and gave it a new breath of fresh air. In honor of Pixar’s newest film in theathers, Inside Out, the movie review nerds of Cinema Sins have traveled back in time to cover everything wrong with The Incredibles.


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Jul 302015
How Inside Out Should Have Ended

Even though Pixar’s latest film, Inside Out, has received raved reviews, it doesn’t feel like it will be as noticeable as other recent animated feature films like Frozen. Perhaps the ending just wasn’t right. Thankfully, the movie review nerds of How It Should Have Ended have stepped forward to explain a better way to close the film. 


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