Mar 122014
Micro Pig Compilation Is The Cutest Ever

British YouTuber Caroline Chaplin of Pet Piggies is the lucky owner of a micro pig farm. That means instead of puppy or kitten videos, she gets to play with permanently small, cuddly, and adorable piggies!

This super cute compilation of her pets will leave you jealous for a micro pig of your own. 


Via Facebook.

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Feb 122014
Recording Camera Falls From Skydiving Plane And Lands In Pig Pen

Mia Munselle had a GoPro camera recording right before he jumped out of an airplane while skydiving. But suddenly, it slipped and fell into the abyss. 

He never thought he’d find the camera again.

Incredibly, he found the GoPro eight months later on his own property. In his pig peg. 

The footage that was just released speaks for itself. 

In just one day, the clip has garnered over one million views!


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Feb 072013

What’s cuter than a tiny new born piglet? How about a piglet with disabled hind-legs? Len Lucero‘s adorable ten day old pig doesn’t have use of his rear legs, so Len created a wheel chair of sorts for his lil’ piggy.

Now, Chris P Bacon can ‘walk’ around the house like any other pet with the help of the wheelchair device made from common toy pieces.

The three week old video is going viral, and has collected over 215,000 views so far! It is also featured on HuffPost, Jezebel, and MostWatched


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Sep 202012

When visiting the petting zoo, the last thing you expect to witness is a daring water rescue. But that’s exactly what took place when one man visiting the zoo saw a baby goat get stuck in the pond, a near death sentence. 

After screaming, ‘Goat in the water!’ a nearby pig amazingly dove into the pond, and gave the goat a nice push, freeing the little guy. Then the pig lead the goat to safety. 

That’ll do pig. That’ll do.“ 

The video is showcased on TheDailyWhat, YahooNewsTastefullyO, HuffingtonPostAndPop, and SayOMG.


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