Jan 152015
Jimmy Fallon And Gwyneth Paltrow Sing Broadway Versions Of Hip Hop Songs

Forget everything you know about rap music. Somehow, Jimmy Fallon along with Gwyneth Paltrow recreated popular hip hop songs, like Started from the Bottom and Anaconda, with a Broadway twist. You’ve never heard Drake or Nicki Minaj like this before.


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Dec 032014
Top Pop Hits Of 2014 In 2.5 Minutes

It’s crazy, but 2014 is on its way out the door. There have been countless pop hits that have defined the past 12 months. Musical duo Us The Duo reviews the past year in pop music in this music montage, covering hits like HappyChandelierShake It Off, and more with just their voices and a keyboard. 


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Nov 032014
Homeless Man Shocks Viewers With Beautiful Piano Performance

You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Ryan Arcand has been homeless for the past three decades when you see his shaggy hair and worn clothes. But Ryan has shocked millions of people with this video posted online by Roslyn Polard. In the clip, Ryan played a piano piece he wrote himself when he never had any formal training. The video has over 3 million hits, and has been featured by CBC


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Oct 302014
Dutch Girl Plays Downton Abbey On Piano

The theme song for the British drama Downton Abbey is already moving. Dutch father Theresialyceum Tilburg recorded this video of his young teenage daughter performing the song on piano. Sadly, Anna passed away from a car accident. Knowing she wanted to be famous, dad made sure to spread this moving video. The clip has gone viral with over 1.4 million views!


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Aug 162014
Ragtime Paino Cover Of ‘Friend Like Me’

Scott Bradlee of The Postmodern Jukebox was shocked like the rest of the world when beloved entertainer Robin Williams passed away earlier this week. As a special tribute, Scott performed a one of a kind ragtime cover of the classic Aladdin song Friend Like Me


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