Dec 162012

A Song Scout caught a fantastically nerdy scene in an O’Hare airport. A pianist was set up in one of the courtyards to play holiday music. 

After a long session of Christmas tunes, he played a slew of viral Internet favorites, ranging from Never Gonna Give You Up, to Chocolate Rain, to Nyan Cat

How many do you recognize?


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Nov 232012

Jimmy Fallon is a big fan of 80′s and 90′s nostalgia. For the latest throw back on his  show, he invited world famous performer Alicia Keys to sing the classic theme song for the 1980′s Disney TV show Gummi Bears

Her cover has just a little more soul than the original, and already over 150,000 views. The performance is featured on HuffingtonPost, HyperVocal, TheFW, and MarySue


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Oct 042012

For their latest collaborated pop music cover,  chose David Guetta’s ultra popular hit single Titanium. They took their classical music roots and beautifully wove the classic French composition Pavane with the new pop song for a cover like no other. 

Already, their new cover–which was made with only the piano, cello, and a tambourine–has over 20,000 likes


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Aug 192012

Web comic xkcd is a nerd favorite online, as geeks and math wizards finally found a cartoon that they felt they could relate to.

Cartoonist Randall Munroe‘s nerdiest sinks deep to his core, and is evident in his beautifully organized song/comic ‘Every Major’s Terrible‘ to the tune of Modern Major General’s Song.

YouTuber and xkcd fan Ben Miller performed the nerdy parody of the classic up-beat song on piano in May, and has just gone viral for a second time now, being featured on CBSNews, VideoSiftBuzzfeed, and Reddit


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