May 012013

Remember Who Let The Dogs Out by the Baha Men? The 2000 one hit wonder has since been left in the dust, covered in over a decade of other one hit pop wonders.

But YouTuber cover artist Matt Mulholland is bringing it all back. In his newest video, he covers the dance song like no other with a soft arrangement on piano


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Apr 172013

Soap operas all seem to follow the same recipe and formula. And that definitely applies to the music. In every dramatic scene when Amy admits she’s been cheating on Matt with a vampire but still loves him, that high pitched piano enters the musical realm. 

Back in 2011, YouTuber TV Boy88 thought the music on soaps were so bad that they could recreate the same sound with just their cat and a keyboard. Amazingly, with just the help of a few kitty treats, that’s exactly what they did.

But only now has the video exploded online, amassing over 100,000 views just today. 


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Apr 082013

Fifty-one year old Gary Skaggs has a very, very unique way to pay the bills. One day while relaxing with his girlfriend, he had an epiphany, imagining a piano-bike. 

After purchasing a piano for $80, and adding in a little time, effort, and sweat, his invention had come to fruition.

The piano-bike was a reality.

Since then, he has been pedaling around the timeless town of San Francisco, bringing piano music and smiles to the streets in the most unlikely of ways. 

Now, The  has featured Gary and his musical bike in this City Exposed video report which has started to trend this week. 


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Apr 032013

It’s hard to find anyone on the planet who doesn’t know the tune to the first level of the classic Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game. Even in Israel

Last summer, Israeli YouTuber EranAmir–who is online famous for his Black And White In Color piece–traversed the streets of Israel for another creative art project.

He asked 300 passersby to sing one note of music along with his portable piano while he recorded them. He then compiled all the notes to create one harmonious melody on The Human Piano.

Though the video debuted last July, it has only experienced a viral surge in viewership this week, quickly amassing over 100,000 hits, and counting. 


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Mar 122013

It truly takes guts to not only ask a question in front of your countless peers at Vanderbilt University, but also to ask your musical idol if you can play with him.

And that’s exactly what student Michael Pollack did during “An Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music” with Billy Joel at Vanderbilt two months ago. 

In a packed auditorium, Michael asked, “My favorite song of your is New York State Of Mind… I was wondering if I could play with you…. I would accompany you that is.”  

Incredibly, Billy simply answered, “OK,” to which the crowd erupted in applause. 

After a few moments getting set up, Michael was finally playing his favorite song with the one and only Billy Joel singing at the microphone in front of a crowded auditorium.

A moment he will truly never forget. 


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