Sep 052013
Darth Vader’s Theme In Beethoven Style

This video posted online by Improv Electronic in 2009 is trending again now. The musical clip features pianist Richard Grayson who improvises a Beethoven style cover of Darth Vader’s menacing theme music from Star Wars on the spot at the request of an audience member.


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Aug 012013

Piano player and pop music lover Alfie Producer went viral over a year ago with his impressive cover of 40 pop music tracks on piano that were trending at the time. 

Now, he has returned with another pop music piano medley, covering the top 42 pop songs of 2013 so far. 


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Jul 302013

Every high schooler knows that girls love a guy who can play a musical instrument. But wasting countless Sundays practicing doesn’t always feel like a worthy trade off.

Lucky for those not musically talented, Samtimenews has stepped forward to demonstrate how to fake piano skills. In just a few minutes you too can fake play the piano


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Jul 252013

Memphis quarterback Jacob Karam was recently at St. Jude Children’s Hospital volunteering, and ended up playing piano with some of the kids.

Dawn Howe‘s eleven year old daughter Breanna is currently battling leukemia at St. Jude, but that didn’t stop her from singing her heart out with Jacob.

With Jake playing the piano, they performed an emotionally charged rendition of Jessie J’s hit single Price Tag that is now going viral! 


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Jun 272013

Ryan Wang is only five years old, but he’s already world famous for his impressive piano skills. He’s starred in multiple viral videos, and has even performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Even though she is 101 years old, Dorothy Landry’s favorite pianist is Ryan. With the help of CBC Music, the Canada broadcast Company set up a private concert for Ryan to perform special for Dorothy. 

Before playing ‘Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk Song,’ Dorothy thanked the five year old boy for coming all the way from China. Even little Ryan couldn’t help but become misty-eyed after hearing the kind words of his oldest fan. 


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