May 272013

Unofficial Internet queen Ellen DeGeneres is well known for her love of cute and talented kids. Her most recent little guest was Ryan Wang from Canada. The Chinese-Canadian is only five years old, but has already performed at Carnegie Hall. 

Ryan performed Variations on a Russian Theme for Ellen’s studio audience and now it trending online. 


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May 252013

Scott Bradlee posted this piano video back in 2011, but it has recently experience a second viral surge of viewership. Scott loved the YouTube famous Evolution of Dance video, and was inspired to make his own. Only with the piano

He performs the childhood classic Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in 24 popular music styles, evolving from waltz to dubstep. As a bonus, he “played the theme in all 12 keys.”

Just this week, the old video has scooped up over 200,000 hits


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May 212013

The web’s favorite violinist Lindsay Stirling teamed up with pianist William Joseph and videographer Devin Supertramp to deliver this new nerdy music video. 

With actual Halo fighters in the middle of a battle, Lindsey and William bang out a Halo Medley fit for the newly announced XBox One


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May 192013

YouTuber foundring noticed the theme music for the Inspector Gadget cartoon sounded so similar to the classic piece In the Hall of the Mountain King. He soon discovered that Shuki Levy who made the theme song was in fact inspired by the Peer Gynt number. 

He made his own hybrid of the two in this piano video that has gone viral over the weekend, quickly grabbing 100,000 views


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May 132013

Like so many before him, I James Walters couldn’t just quit the YouTube business after initially going viral.

Originally, he went viral with a Lord Of The Rings-themed cover of I Dreamed A Dream, and since then James has churned out numerous other pop music covers in his Smeagol voice.

And he isn’t close to ending his career. Now, he has returned to cover New York City‘s unofficial anthem Empire State Of Mind as Smeagol the monster.


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