Mar 202014
Anti-Gravity Wheel

Derek Muller of Veritasium demonstrates the true power of gyro precession in this trending video

First, he shows just how heavy a forty pound flywheel is as even a college bodybuilder can’t hold it horizontally. But by spinning the hefty wheel a few thousand RPM, he is able to easily pick up the shaft and even hold it over his head. 


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Dec 042013
Beer Bottle Breaks With Slap Trick In Super Slow Motion

For their latest slow motion science experiment, Gav and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys explain and demonstrate the classic trick to break the bottom of a beer bottle with just a smack. 

By properly holding the neck of a bottle filled a bit of water and slapping the opening, the bottom of the beer bottle will shatter with great force due to a powerful vacuum created. 

With the help of their high tech, 2,500 frames-per-second slow motion camera, viewers can finally see the physics of the bar trick as it quickly plays out.  


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Dec 032013
Teacher Visualizes Gravity With Giant Spandex Sheet Demonstration

AP Bio Los Gatos High School posted this video almost two years ago, but it has only gone viral now after appearing on Reddit!

In the extended clip, physics teacher Dan Burns explains space-time warping with an enlightening demonstration using a giant sheet of spandex. 


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Oct 272013
Six Ways To Time Travel

Scientists and nerds have been dreaming of time-travel for years, but is it possible to journey through time other than in Hollywood movies?

Minute Physics explains that, yes, time-travel is real.

Of course, he’s only referring to the fact that we are all technically travelling forward in time at the same pace, but that’s boring. What about travelling to the past or distant future?

That’s when negative energy, wormholes, and the hypothetical come into play. 


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Sep 232013
How Do Magnets Work?

Even as an adult, magnets seem almost magical. How can two seemingly lifeless elements attract each other with such great force? How do they work?

Educational science channels Minute Physics and Veritasium teamed up to explain the natural phenomenon that is a such a part of our everyday lives. 


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