Nov 152014
Dogs Getting Massages Will Relax You

Pam Holt gives massages all day for her work. But she doesn’t give them to people. Instead, she pampers dogs as she is a Certified Animal Massage Therapist. That’s right, certified! But seriously, just watching her give a few massages to some lucky puppies is relaxing.



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Nov 132014
Kitten Therapy Is Guaranteed To Cure Your Stress

Grown up life in the big city is nothing but stress. The deadlines, the traffic, the bills, the stress can be overpowering! To help people deal with all the pressures of living in such hectic times, Soul Pancake offered passersby free therapy. What the volunteers didn’t realize is that this was a special therapy session harnessing the adorable powers of soft, cute, fluffy kittens. Ya, this is a genius idea! They need to start opening up kitten therapy zones all America. 


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Nov 122014
Bird Sounds Exactly Like R2-D2

The Internet has seen parrots who can make the iconic sounds of R2-D2, but that doesn’t make this video any less entertaining. Carli Jeffrey‘s adorable Budgerigar has R2-D2 sounds down perfectly. The best part? Bluey even looks like a bird version of R2 with beautiful streaks of blue and white. Just by playing the famous Star Wars droid’s sounds off YouTube Bluey quickly picked up the world famous boops and bleeps.

Now, this nerdy video from two summer’s ago has gone viral now with over half a million new views!


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Nov 112014
Incredible Dog Shrinking Machine Is Adorable

Dogs are cute and all, but everyone knows that they are at their peak of adorableness when they are young puppies. Thankfully, Jon Hill has unveiled the Incredible Dog Shrinking Machine. Just have a dog pass through the high tech tunnel, and watch as it comes out a cute puppy! 


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Nov 102014
Dog Tries To Trade Toy For Breakfast

Charlie The Beagle really wanted some yummy breakfast, but Laura wasn’t parting with her bacon. So what did the smart beagle do? He ran and grabbed his favorite toy to help with the negotiations. Now, this cute clip has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!


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