Nov 232015
GoPro On Dog Takes Best Wedding Video Ever

Do dogs know what’s really going on? Yes and no. Like children, they are much closer to the ground and are very good at picking up on the mood and feeling in the room. But they also can’t quite grasp the complexities of life. This concept is perfectly demonstrated in this magical wedding video. Josh and Addie Burnette had the great idea to put their GoPro on the back of their dog on their wedding day. Ryder ended up taking better wedding footage than any professional photographer could have. 


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Nov 222015
Puppy Really Loves First Taste Of Peanut Butter

It’s common knowledge that although it’s not really good for them, dogs simply love peanut butter. Dog owners will often give their dog a taste as a reward or as an incentive to get them in the car to go to the vet. Kilerchuk‘s adorable little puppy just got her first taste of the creamy, sticky mashed peanuts and can’t get enough! So cute! This video has instantly gone viral with over 360,00 views!


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Nov 202015
Genius Uses Reverse Psychology To Have His Dog Take Medicine

Dogs are like kids. They always want what they can’t have and they hate taking their medicine. Realizing this, genius dog owner Fellipe Vilaca Chibante used simple reverse psychology to get his cute Dachshund dog to take his medicine. Just act like you’re eating something yummy, and don’t give any to your dog. They’ll be taking their medicine in no time! 


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Nov 182015
Little Girl Teaching Dog To Shake Is The Cutest

PawMyGosh features cute and cuddly pet videos, and they truly live up to their name. In this precious clip, three year old Hadley teaches the family dog, which happens to be bigger than her, how to shake. 

The adorable video has over 2.7 million views!


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Nov 172015
Cats Spooked By Cucumbers

Cats are funny creatures. The oddest things can put a cat over the edge. And apparently, cucumbers are one of those things. MrFunnyMals made this ridiculous compilation of cats literally freaking out over cucumbers. 

This video already has over 1.3 million views


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