Dec 062013
Parrots Annoying Cats Compilation

Cats are famous online for being the most passive aggressive pets, but apparently there’s one unlikely animals that knows how to put kitty in his place. 

It seems parrots simply love annoying cats, and bossing them around. 

Mihaifrancu made this silly compilation of Parrots Annoying Cats, which has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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Jun 232013

Athlete and world traveler Mike Swick admits that this scene “maybe the strangest thing he ever filmed in Thailand.”

While travelling on the road, he was shocked to see a woman riding a motorcycle decorated with an animal skull and rifles.

But he was even more surprised to see her apparent pet parrot flying along with her as she sped down the avenue. Every now and then, the bird would land on her shoulder to rest his tired wings. 

Now, the brand new video has gone viral over the weekend, already garnering over 100,000 hits


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Dec 072012

Viron11111 is loves his parrot Pepper, and also loves technology, so he melded his two affections to create the BirdBuggy.

The bird sized cart has a small perch for Pepper to stand on and a tiny joystick to drive in all four directions. 

Amazingly, this bird brain has no problem controlling his new set of wheels, and is now going viralviral after being featured on Reddit


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