Dec 092013
Sesame Street Lord Of The Rings Parody

Sesame Street has returned with another parody for adults to enjoy while watching the children’s show with their kids. 

This time, the popular muppet show spoofed Lord of the Rings, with Cookie Monster starring in this adorable episode, appropriately titled Lord of the Crumbs.

One dessert to rule them all! 


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Dec 082013
Home Alone Pug Puppy Version

What can be better than watching the Christmas classic Home Alone this holiday season?

How about a Pug puppy, or puggy, version! 

Pet obsessed The Pet Collective answered the prayer nobody asked for by making the spoof which has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!

Disney! What are you waiting for? 


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Dec 062013
The Hungover Games Spoof Movie Trailer

Step aside Scary Movie and Epic Movie, because there’s a new spoof movie heading for theaters.

The Hungover Games is actually real, and parodies a slew of recent Hollywood hits with a focus on The Hangover series and The Hunger Games


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Dec 052013
New York Police Defend Controversial Stop And Kiss Program

New York City‘s highly controversial Stop and Frisk program has been the source of much debate.

But now, the Internet’s favorite news channel The Onion is reporting an even more upsetting NYPD program that has been overlooked. 

The Stop and Kiss program


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Dec 042013
Lego Blues Brothers Mall Chase Scene

Lego obsessed Bricktease painstakingly recreated the famous shopping mall chase scene from The Blues Brothers in blocky Lego goodness. Frame for frame. 

The new video is quickly going viral, and is already featured on CNet, LaughingSquid, NYDailyNews, and BoingBoing


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