May 132013

Barely 10 years ago, Lego introduced their computer Lego MindStorm line, along with their camera movie making kit. After several iterations of models, today, even adults make use of the high tech toys, often recreating a famous movie scene.

Lego obsessed Brick Tease specializes in making said videos on YouTube. Their latest frame-by-frame recreation of a scene from the Casino Royale James Bond movie has just gone viral, quickly snatching up 100,000 views.

Viewers are truly impressed how exact the Lego parody is when compared side-by-side with the original movie scene.


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May 122013

Back when Facebook first went mainstream, countless videos appeared poking fun at the annoying parts of the social network.

Though spoofing Facebook in real life has fallen out of vogue, Extremely Decent Films is bringing the trend back. Everyone hates when Facebook all too often updates its user interface and privacy settings.

But imagine how bad it’s going to be when Facebook grows past the web and takes over our real lives? A Facebook update in real life sounds terrible.


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May 082013

The much awaited Iron Man 3 movie is finally here. Thinking outside the box, Wekejay perfectly parodied Justin Timberlake‘s newest hit single Suit & Tie with a Robert Downey Jr Iron Man 3 twist.

Already, the nerdy pop parody music video has been featured by DailyOfTheDay, MarySueClipNation, TastefullyOffensive, and iGeekTrooper


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May 062013

NSFW language 

Have you ever watched a commercial, and afterwards have no idea what it was about or even attempting to sell? It seems one particular product, no matter the brand, follows the same vague, ambiguous formula for their commercials.

And nobody really seems to get it. 

Video Game Dunkey humorously parodies this trend in his latest spoof video, Deep Philosophical Video.


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May 052013

In honor of the nerdy May the Fourth holiday, The Gamer Chick published this hilarious Star Wars Informercials compilation reel. All the late night infomercial cliches viewers love to hate make an appearance with a Star Wars twist, such as the ubiquitous help-these-poor-cute-animals adverts.  

But the ‘Home Carbonite Kit’ is the main focus. Sick of your expensive food going bad in just days? Freeze it in carbonite. Neighbor’s dog keeps leaving its mess on your yard? Dip it in carbonite. 


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