Jun 062013

By now, even the audience members of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno have heard the hip ‘new’ song by Taylor Swift ‘22.’ But Jay claims Taylor actually ripped the hit song off of him, and he has the footage from the nursing home to prove it. 

Of course it’s all a late night gag, and now Jay’s senior citizen-themed parody music video 63 is going viralviral! 


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Jun 052013

Now that the stock and housing markets have recovered since the crash in 2008, young people are finally finding jobs again. Well, not really, but that’s what we’re told, right? 

True or not, one can’t deny there is a new worker in the workforce. The millennial.

And Official Comedy couldn’t help but mock the new attitudes the younger generation is bringing to the office space in this new Millennials In The Workplace Training Video.

The training video cover topics an ‘old fashion’ manager might not be familiar with, such as their new employees strolling in 40 minutes late with an iced coffee, or using Google for market research instead of the data corporate bought for tens of thousands of dollars. 

But wait? Why even bother hiring a millennial at all? Well, as they explain, at this point they comprise over 15% of the workforce, and if they don’t get off their butts soon, our economy will crash, and China will take over.



Update: And now the response, Millennials Guide To Baby Boomers, which is actually a much better argument.


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Jun 052013

Remember 2005? Google was just becoming a household name, and most people in the know still used Google Video for their online viewing pleasure, as YouTube didn’t even exist yet (gasp). It was also the time when Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson were at the top of the movie making careers.

Which has many people wondering why Google has only now worked with Hollywood to commission the new Google-approved summer comedy The Internship. The entire movie screams 2005, from the actors to the plot to the buzz about the world’s most popular search engine. 

What’s next? A movie about the next big website MySpace? No thanks. 

Thankfully, the web’s most prominent parody artists at The Onion wasted no time ‘reporting’ on how The Internship is Poised To Be Biggest Comedy Of 2005.


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Jun 032013

Nerds know all too well that since Spock is half Vulcan, he isn’t really the playboy type. But that didn’t stop director J. J. Abrams from adding a sizzling romance between Spock and Uhura to the new reboot Star Trek

Barely Political and Key To Awesome took this idea one step further in Star Trek Slow Jam where an excited Mark Douglas Spock woos a Vulcan Laura McDonald with a sexy slow jam.


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May 302013

CineFix loves their 8-bit style graphics and sounds from classic 80′s and 90′s video games like the original Mega Man.

As a homage to all things 8-bit, and as apart of their obsession with Hollywood, the movie nerds at CineFix retold Iron Man in just 60 seconds using Mega Man sprites, sounds, graphics.

Nostalgia nerds are eating it up, as the week old video stands with over half a million views, and is covered on InQuisitr, LaughingSquid, BlameItOnTheVoices, and MightyMega


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