Jun 222013

After spending even a few minutes on YouTube, one will eventually stumble upon a video blog, or vlog. After viewing a number of these videos, it becomes obvious that more and more vloggers are converging on the same trite video recipe these days. 

Anthony Nold took notice of this annoying trend, and mocks it in this new satirical video, World’s Best Vlog Ever.


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Jun 192013

Jimmy Kimmel has done what he does best and has again gone viral. With the help of his Hollywood friends, he commissioned this music video in honor of celebrity actor Channing Tatum.

Miley Cyrus, Jamie Fox, and many more famous faces star in the viral music video that has quickly garnered over a quarter million views.


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Jun 182013

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song is one of the most popular nostalgic tunes online. There are countless spoofs and parodies posted all the time. Even Will Smith himself apparently can’t help but drop the beat when he’s a guest on television talk shows. 

Last summer, the web saw a slew of farmer-themed parodies of pop music hits from The Peterson Farm Bros, such as the I’m Farming And I Grow It spoof of LMFAO, and Farmer Style spoof of PSY.

Now, the farmers from Kansas have traveled back to the 90′s to spoof what the Fresh Prince theme song might sound like if Will was originally from a Kansas farm instead of West Philly.  


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Jun 132013

With amazing editing techniques, popular movie-obsessed YouTube channel Pistol Shrimps has again placed The Dark Knight in famous movie scenes.

Back in March, they published their original Batman in Classic Movie Scenes video which quickly went viral, amassing over 900,000 hits and over 20,000 likes

After being badgered by fans for weeks, the crew has finally served up a second helping of Batman in classic movies scenes, positioning The Dark Knight in iconic Hollywood scenes, such as as the famous diner scene in When Harry Met Sally, the popular and disgusting ‘hair gel’ scene in There’s Something About Mary, the renowned ‘I see dead people’ scene from The Sixth Sense, and a slew of other well-known films. 


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Jun 132013

Hollywood made a movie about Facebook, so why not make a movie about a smartphone game. That’s the premise behind top YouTuber Ryan Higa‘s new faux trailer Candy Crush The Movie.

Besides for Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, one of the most popular iPhone games is Candy Crush. Ryan loves the game, but has slowly become more and more obsessed. Now, things are getting out of control.


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