Jan 212014
Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life

Popular YouTuber Nigahiga is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z.

He has always wanted to spoof the prominent Japanese anime series, and after a lot of hard work has finally debuted this hilarious parody that even viewers unfamiliar with the show are enjoying.


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Jan 162014
Bad British NFL Football Commentary

The Exploding Heads has gone viral in the past with their hilarious British commentary on American sports. They’ve amassed over 2 million hits with their British Baseball Commentary and British Basketball Commentary spoofs combined.

Now, they have returned in time for the Superbowl with Bad British NFL Commentary


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Jan 152014
Bruce Springsteen And Jimmy Fallon Mock Gov. Christie Traffic Jam Scandal With ‘Born To Run’ Spoof

Governor Chris Christie has found himself deep in controversy after it came to light that his staffers closed two of three lanes at one entrance of the George Washington Bridge, one of the country’s busiest bridges, for days in what appears to be a political move.

As his guest was world famous rock star Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon decided to cover the controversy with a hilarious parody of Born To Run.

The new video has gone viral with over 400,000 hits.


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Jan 092014
‘Mean Boyz’ Gay Parody Of ‘Mean Girls’

Musician and prominent YouTuber Todrick Hall has again gone viral with this hilarious and super fierce parody of the 2004 Lindsday Lohan high school movie Mean Girls in honor of the film’s 10 year anniversary. 

Instead of taking on the Barbie bully girl click The Plastics, Codie and his new friends must socially battle The Ken Dolls. 

The new mock trailer has already amassed over 400,000 hits!


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Jan 092014
Thirty Year Old Parody Of Royals By Lorde

Molly Dworsky and her friends went to Hopkins High School where the Hopkins Royals were their pride. 

Now they are 30 year olds, and are missing the carefree high school life. Mortgages, healthcare, kids, it’s a lot of work.

Naturally, they put together this perfect music video parody of Lorde’s hit single Royals where they exclaim their frustrations. 


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