Mar 252013

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It’s no secret that HBO’s Game Of Thrones is one of the web’s current obsessions. 

Hilarious Aussie band Axis Of Awesome–best known online for their eye-opening Four Chords song–has returned to the web to honor the nerdy TV show in this Rage Against The Machine-inspired music video, Rage Of Thrones

Except these hipsters were fans of the series when it was just a book and they want everyone to know it. The book was better. The books are always better. 


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Mar 232013

As if the IRS wasn’t hated enough before, news has just broken out that the IRS has made an official apology for spending $60,000 on this ridiculous excuse for a Star Trek parody. That’s over $10 grand for each minute of video!

The officially commissioned video was made at an IRS studio in New Carrollton, Maryland, and was played during the opening of a training and leadership conference in 2010.

Obviously, viewers are outraged over the wasteful spending, not to mention how pathetic the parody came out for such a large budget. 

Read more on WashingtonTimes


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Mar 202013

Canadian anti-smoking campaign Quit The Denial published this eye-opening PSA under the account Mark atMOH, and already the ten day old video has over 115,000 views

The PSA compares the idea of social smoking with social farting. It may sound ridiculous, but after a woman tells her doctor how she social farts with friends, it becomes clear that both activities follow the same (ridiculous) logic. 

Now, the PSA is spreading across the web faster than ever after appearing on NowMSNTheAwesomer, DailyOfTheDay, DailyPicksAndFlicks.


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Mar 182013

Even people outside of the crazy conspiracy world have watched or heard of the most famous 9-11 conspiracy documentary, titled Loose Change.

The hour long documentary is a great source of debate, with skeptics on both sides of the issue claiming the other side is nuts, delusional, or just plain stupid. 

Being that this is the Internet, it’s about time a spot-on parody was made, and now it’s finally here. 

Over the weekend, Graham Putnam published Luke’s Change: an Inside Job, a parody of the original Loose Change conspiracy documentary that claims it’s impossible for the Death Star to have been destroyed by none other than Darth Vader’s family members. Something just has to be up. 

The parody is reminiscent of the hilarious spoof College Humor made in 2009 of Storm Troopers discussing conspiracy theories concerning the destruction of the Death Star.

Now, the video is going viral, and is featured on Slate, GeekoSystem, Neatorama, and LaughingSquid


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Mar 172013

Barely Political continues their love-hate series where actress Laura McDonald plays a very ‘K-Stewy’ Kristen Stewart. As in previous holiday episodes, Stewart explains the history behind the holiday that is currently upon us. Namely, St. Patrick’s Day


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