Jul 102013

In just two short decades, China has become a world powerhouse. Only America stands in their way now, and sadly, it seems the USA is subconsciously preparing for the day China officially becomes #1.

Mark Griffith has been in China for a couple of years now, and apparently, they already feel on top of the world there. 

To demonstrate the current metropolis state of the capital of China, Mark commissioned this music video parody of the NYC classic Empire State Of Mind with an Chinese twist, starring Andrew Dougherty and Princess Fortier

Notice the chorus reads “Now you’re in Beijing, there’s nothing you can do” as a quiet jab at the oppressive communist regime. 


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Jul 092013

As an ingenious way to promote their new Glass facial computer, Google has handed out the new device to a slew of YouTubers who in turn have been featuring the new tech in parody videos, reviews, and more. 

Popular YouTuber iJustine absolutely loves her new Glass. To spread the word, she has just published this creative new parody of Stone Sour’s classic rock song Through Glass with a Google Glass twist. 


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Jul 092013

Brittani Louise Taylor loves parodying the latest pop music hits. And with over 900,000 dedicated fans, she must be doing something right. 

Her latest video spoof takes on the newest single by Miley Cyrus, We Can’t Stop, and is already trending online. 


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Jul 082013

Ahh, there’s nothing like the unexpected resurfacing of an older meme. When executed correctly and at the right moment, the video can easily go viral.

The latest to properly pull off this tricky web maneuver is Not Literally with their new Game Of Thrones-themed parody of the overly-spoofed viral tune Somebody That I Used To Know

After debuting a week ago, the spoof has garnered over 200,000 hits, and is covered on FanSided, Mashable, and Dorkly


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Jul 032013

Jennifer Gabrielli’s sister was just recently wed. As the maid of honor, Jennifer knew she had the responsibility to not only toast the new couple, but also entertain the wedding guests. 

Most thought Jennifer would be singing as she is known for her voice. Instead, she pulled a fast one on the attendees with her unexpected rap spoof. 

In the end, she parodied Eminem’s hit single Without Me with a wedding-themed twist that even had the older guests clapping along. 

Now, the video by Bennyekmedia is going viral, appearing on HyperVocal, Mashable, Ryot, and RyanSeacrest


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