Oct 122013
Worst, Slowest Parking Lot Exit Ever

Last week, Jarek Dymek posted this security camera video of the now dubbed ‘Worst Parking Lot Exit Ever,’ and now it is going viral over the weekend. The video has already appeared on RedditDailyPicks, Guyism, and Jalopnik

For four grueling minutes, the driver painstakingly attempts to execute what seems to be a simple driving maneuver to exit the parking lot, but fails over and over. The real question is, what fool gave this person a license to operate heavy machinery? 


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Oct 112013
Dog In Car At The Parking Lot Animation

It’s been a while since their last short film, but popular animation studio Bird Box Studio has finally returned. 

In Carpark, a man spooked by a barking dog locked in a parked car learns to never mess with a barking dog locked in a parked car.


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Jul 312013

Don’t you hate it when you finally find a parking spot only to discover some jerk parked their luxury car overlapping into the presumably empty spot? 

Apparently one of Crisp330‘s co-workers does just that on a daily basis. So to teach him a lesson they managed to squeeze their pick-up truck in the empty spot, blocking the driver side door to the Jaguar. 

They never thought it would take the man over five minutes to finally figure out how to drive off. 


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Dec 082012

NSFW Warning – Language! 

Car enthusiasts cringe when the see a teeny-bopper in a true sports car when the kid has no idea how to handle just power. 

And that’s what Art Lingad caught on camera; a driver attempting their best to pull out of a parking spot and completely failing. In a BMW Z4, a $45,000+ sports car. 

Instead of simply backing out and leaving, they hit the curb twice and two other cars. 

Ironically, Art–who was laughing and enjoying the show the entire time–ends the video with, “Is that my car [she hit]? Oh s***.”


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Jul 172012

Bad female drivers is an old Internet cliche, and there are plenty of videos in the category. But this latest video, published by , is much more unique. As one woman in Münster, Germany attempted to park, she chose a spot nearing loitering, drunk football fans. 

As a result, they viewed her parking job as another competition, and cheered along with her ups and downs. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, AutoEvolution, and TotalProSports


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