Sep 092013
Infinitely Flying Paper Airplane Circles Over Electric Stove Hack

It may sound impossible, but if one is stubborn enough, they can make a paper airplane seemingly fly forever.

As demonstrated in this newly trending video by Viral Video Lab, all the user must do is fold a proper paper airplane and toss it above a preheated electric stove.

If done just right, the warm air from the hotplates will indefinitely lift the paper airplane causing it to circle its fuel source. 


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Mar 262012

Published at the start of the weekend, this video by the PIMA Air & Space Museum already has over half a million hits. The museum conducted the building and launching of the 45-foot paper airplane that successfully flew! The video is featured on TheAwesomer and RawStory.  




CNN also covered the story:


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Sep 272011

Three buddies on the roof of a building folded up some paper airplanes and held a paper airplane toss. I don’t know what they were racing for, but one kid definitely won. While the first two planes hit the ground rather quickly, the last slowly circled around and around, until perfectly landing into the mailbox. What are the odds?


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