Jun 012014
Fan Throws Paper Airplane From Top Of Stadium And Hits Player

An English fan bored during a football game threw a paper airplane from the top of the stadium. Incredibly, he hit a Peru player. The crowd went wild as if the team scored a goal. This video has instantly gone viral over the weekend with over 3 million hits already!


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May 272014
World’s Largest Paper Airplane Flies Over Arizona

To keep kids interested in science and aviation, Pima Air & Space Museum holds a Great Paper Airplane Project each year. This year, they built the world’s largest paper airplane, named the Arturo’s Desert Eagle. The plane measured a gigantic 45 feet long and 26 feet wide, and flew over the desert of Arizona for ten seconds and hit a top speed of 100 mph! Naturally, the plane was equipped with a GoPro camera to capture the action


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Sep 092013
Infinitely Flying Paper Airplane Circles Over Electric Stove Hack

It may sound impossible, but if one is stubborn enough, they can make a paper airplane seemingly fly forever.

As demonstrated in this newly trending video by Viral Video Lab, all the user must do is fold a proper paper airplane and toss it above a preheated electric stove.

If done just right, the warm air from the hotplates will indefinitely lift the paper airplane causing it to circle its fuel source. 


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Mar 262012

Published at the start of the weekend, this video by the PIMA Air & Space Museum already has over half a million hits. The museum conducted the building and launching of the 45-foot paper airplane that successfully flew! The video is featured on TheAwesomer and RawStory.  




CNN also covered the story:


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