Apr 272011

It’s a classic trust task. Have someone fall backwards and they have to trust you that you’ll catch them. In 1994, Todd Connor ran a trust seminar and had a woman climb a ladder and fall backwards. He would catch her of course. But when she falls, he lets her go, and she really hits her head hard. He keeps saying she’s fine, but she won’t get up, and he’s finally kicked off stage. Oops.


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Apr 222011

At a school spirit assembly, the teacher hype up the kids for their beloved mascot. Finally, it’s time for the Leary The Lion to make an appearance. He jumps through the banner, and falls on the first three rows of kindergartners. Oops. The video is being shared on sites like SportsIllustrated.CNN.


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Apr 132011

Lady Gaga took a spill in Houston on stage at her concert. She was wearing high heels standing on a piano. I don’t blame her. But tough Gaga jumped up like it’s nothing. You can see people around her who seem very worried for a few seconds.


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