Jul 082011

Let’s zipline over a river at our wedding dear. What a great idea, thought the bride. But she forgot her husband to be was a five year old inside. Instead of following protocol, the groom gets a little ahead of himself. The video is featured on HuffingtonPost.


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Jul 042011

The Tour De France is an annual bike ride that covesr over 2,000 miles and has been held for decades. The roads are jammed packed with bikers, and one wrong move can have disastrous results. And that’s exactly what happened this year. A spectator got to close to the road, and just like that, caused a huge pile up crash.


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Jun 282011

Fire is a huge attraction to idiots. It seems the smart people know fire is something to respect, not something to play around with. But nobody told this kid. He filled a balloon with a flammable gas, then lit the end to make a little homemade flame thrower. As expected, something goes wrong, and we have an explosion on our hands. The video from March just went viral on Gizmodo.


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Jun 272011

How many times can fans watch celebrities falling on stage while performing? I don’t know, but apparently fans can’t get enough. Here’s Rihanna falling on stage while performing in Edmonton. She falls, and gets right back up singing. Like a champ.


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