Jun 142011

This video of the Tsunami that ravaged Japan in March was just uploaded. The cameraman is in the heart of Kamaishi city when the water starts to rise. He records the raw, brutal power of the waves rushing into the city streets and the horror of the Japanese people literally running for their lives. I’m getting chills watching this. So sad.



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Jun 082011

Graduation is a great feeling. You are free of school and can feel the chains of bondage melt away. But when you are at your graduation ceremony, don’t get to excited. This graduate was so pumped up, he decided to cartwheel on the stage. But he messed up and made a fool of himself in front of the whole school. Oops.


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May 182011

It seems that every romantic comedy trailer has the same voice and the same setup. Meet Susie, or Sarah, or whoever. She’s a doctor, or lawyer, or something. She’s about to get dumped, shocked, surprised… Ok, you get the point.

She’s always falling down, I guess to make her vulnerable. Men must have wrote that scene in. It seems that every movie uses the same formula. The video is featured on Jezebel.


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