Nov 222013
Fangirls’ YouTube Comment War Dramatically Reenactment By Two Older Gentlemen

NSFW Warning Language 

The comment section on YouTube is nearly all drivel and insanity.

But when a fangirl comment war concerning the sexuality of a One Direction singer is reenacted by two older gentlemen with powerful music in the background, the conversation suddenly seems quite serious and important. 

Dead Parrot produced such a video which has instantly gone viral. 


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Jul 022013

Rhett and Link have an ongoing series where they input audio in a YouTube video and allow the not-yet-perfected automatic closed captioning service to attempt to transcribe their words.

They last performed the close caption magic last month on Taylor Swift’s best hits, garnering over 750,000 hits.

Now, they perform the same ridiculous antics, only with One Direction music


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Feb 052013

The Key Of Awesome of Barely Political is the comedy group famous for their hilarious pop music video parodies. For their latest spoof, they took on One Direction‘s newest hit single Kiss You. In less than a week, the parody has already amassed over half a million hits


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Dec 272012

Ever popular Bad Lip Reading has reimagined British pop band One Direction in their latest lip dub parody.

Instead of just dubbing in nonsense talk over the famous singers’ voices as per usual, this time they dub in fake foreign languages to create this fake trailer for SHADOW PICO.

Who knew the young superstars were such linguists?


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