Mar 152014
Audi Voice Controls Can’t Understand Norwegian Guy’s Accent

Today’s brand new Audis are packed with technology and voice controls. The problem is, you have to have a proper English accent, otherwise the computer will have a hard time understanding you. 

Just watch as this Norwegian guy tries over and over to make a few simple voice commands only for the computer to completely misunderstand him

Now that’s a serious first world problem.


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Mar 102014
Norwegian Seven Year Old Covers Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday

This young contestant on Norway’s Got Talent has made it all the way to the English speaking Web. The seven year old’s impressive performance of Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday has viewers entertained and surprised by her mature presentation. 

The cover video is featured further on DailyPicks, DailyDot, and Gawker


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Feb 192014
What Would You Do If You Found A Boy Outside Without A Jacket In The Winter PSA

This powerful PSA by Norwegian charity group SOS Barnebyer has instantly gone viral with over one million views since debuting today. 

The group had a young boy sit at a bus stop without a coat in the Norwegian winter with a hidden camera set up. Will passersby help the young boy? Of course.

All they ask is that viewers do the same for Syrian children who have no jackets due to the bloody civil war. 

(Don’t forget to press the ‘CC’ button for English subtitles.)


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