Mar 252015
Master Swordsmiths Recreate Link’s Hylian Shield From Legend Of Zelda

Besides for Mario, Link from The Legend of Zelda may be the most famous video game hero in the Nintendo universe. His sword and Hylian shield are some of the most recognizable video game paraphernalia. The master swordsmiths and blacksmiths of Awe Me decided to honor The Legend of Zelda by recreating Link’s Hylian shield in real life. The end result it absolutely gorgeous. 


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Mar 102015
Nerds Somehow Play Netflix On Regular Old Nintendo System

Most people don’t know, but the original Nintendo and Super Nintendo were made to do much more than just play video games. Decades since the NES originally debuted, the nerds at Netflix Open Source have figured out how to use a regular old unmodified Nintendo to sign onto Netflix online and even watch a very crude version of streaming video. You’ve never seen House of Cards like this. 


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Mar 042015
Senior Citizens Play Mario Kart 8

What makes Nintendo so magical is that it’s fun for all ages, young and old. After launching the newest Mario Kart game last summer, Mario Kart 8, the Fine Brothers have finally had their group of senior citizens try the game out. Their reactions to the game are hilarious! 


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Feb 092015
Teens Try Out The Nintendo Power Glove

The late 1980′s were an exciting time in video game history. The video game market was experiencing a rebirth after the great video game crash thanks to the Nintendo Entertainment System. And Nintendo was keen on selling more than just game packs. There were countless accessories for the Nintendo, some that were great and some that were absolute rubbish. 

One of the most famous accessories for the original Nintendo has to be the Power Glove. In theory, it sounded epic. But sadly, it barely worked as the technology for motion control was only in its infancy. Gamers had to wait two decades for the Nintendo Wii to enjoy real motion control gaming. 

So what will teens of today who grew up with the Wii think of the archaic Power Glove? The Fine Brothers had a group of teens try it out in this video to find out. 


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Jan 052015
Teens Of Today Play Mario Kart 64

Nintendo just recently debuted the eighth iteration of their popular Mario racing game, Mario Kart 8. But back in the day, the most popular version was Mario Kart 64 which was the first kart game to offer four player action and 3D graphics. Most teens of today grew up playing later versions of Mario Kart. So how will they do in a Mario Kart 64 tournament?  


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