Oct 222015
Michael J. Fox Models the First Self-Lacing Nike MAG

One reason why Back To The Future is so popular with people of all ages is because it did such a good job showing products we all love in a new, futuristic light. Like in Part 2 when Marty enjoyed a ‘Pepsi Perfect’ or when he put on those super cool self tying Nikes. Well, as the ‘future’ is now, Nike has finally launched the shoes with the power laces. It was fitting that Michael J Fox was the first one to try them on. So cool!


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Aug 102015
Blake Griffin Performs Dunk To End All Dunks Off The Moon

Nearly every 90’s kid fondly looks back at the goofy basketball cartoon movie Space JamNike Jordan sneakers was inspired by Michael Jordon’s only kids movie for this latest viral commercial. After being challenged by Marvin the Martian, NBA star Blake Griffin finally has to go to the moon to best the cheating animated character. This ad has amassed over 7 million hits already!


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Jun 102014
The Last Football Game Short Film

In honor of the World Cup in Brazil, Nike Football has debuted this computer animated short film, The Last Game. A mad scientist has created a slew of soccer playing clones who he claims are superior to the normal human footballers. Computer animated versions of sports stars appear in the viral short film, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, and more! 

This short film has become one of the most viewed videos over the past two days, and stands with over 7 million views!


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Dec 042013
Wayne Rooney Challenges Rory McIlroy In Straight Down the Middle Nike Commercial

In this viral Nike Football commercial, English footballer Wayne Rooney challenges golfer Rory McIlroy to a match of soccer-golf. 

The commercial promoting the new Nike Ordem Football has already garnered over 450,000 hits!


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Aug 222013

Few can motivate with the same charge as Nike. As a part of their ongoing Just Do It campaign, Nike dares their fans and viewers to push their limits and possibilities just a little farther, a little higher, a little faster. Already, the new advert has garnered over 1.7 million hits


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