Dec 042013
Wayne Rooney Challenges Rory McIlroy In Straight Down the Middle Nike Commercial

In this viral Nike Football commercial, English footballer Wayne Rooney challenges golfer Rory McIlroy to a match of soccer-golf. 

The commercial promoting the new Nike Ordem Football has already garnered over 450,000 hits!


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Aug 222013

Few can motivate with the same charge as Nike. As a part of their ongoing Just Do It campaign, Nike dares their fans and viewers to push their limits and possibilities just a little farther, a little higher, a little faster. Already, the new advert has garnered over 1.7 million hits


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Jan 162013

Nike Golf‘s newest commercial starring Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy already has collected over 3.4 million views. The two celebrated golfers compete in a fun game of who can outperform the other with trick golf shots.

At the end, Tiger lands his ball in Rory’s cup. How did he do it? As YouTuber grunge4all simply put it: “He cheated.”


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Jan 012013

Back in April, freelance journalist Casey Neistat teamed up with Nike to create a short documentary film showcasing their new Nike Fuel Band

But ironically, when he made that video, he wasn’t wearing the band for much of his adventure. Now that he’s finally got his new Nike Fuel Band, he’s set out across the world again to watch his Fuel points grow. 

Now that’s a commercial.


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Jun 252012

To promote their new Hyperdunk+ shoe line, Nike teamed up with slam dunk specialist, Jus Fly.

Wearing the new data transferring shoes, Fly performed a flip, grabbed the ball off the ground, launched into the air, and slammed like no one else. He actually reached just over 42 inches of air! 

The video is shared on Facebook and StuffIStole.


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