Jun 222013

A giant spider appearing on the monitor made meteorologist Kristi Gordon of Canadian news channel Global BC literally jump.

And who could blame her?

The spider on the camera lens was projected to gigantic size directly above her theoretical head. The other news anchors couldn’t understand why she couldn’t regain her composure, and now her reaction is going viral.


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Jun 192013

Though it may not seem so according to the world media, but Brazil is on fire. For over a week now, just as in Turkey, the people have been standing up to their totalitarian governments. 

Journalist Michel De Souza was in Rio de Janeiro during the demonstrations and not only took powerful photos, but also had a GoPro camera constantly recording a unique POV video from his perspective. 

Now, the video has now gone viral, garnering over 350,000 views, and being covered on OCanada, WashingtonPostMostWatched, and YouTubeTrends


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Jun 182013

The original family film The Wizard Of Oz had aged very well since originally debuting in 1939.

But most people can’t seem to put their finger on why though, so to help viewers better understand its underlying thesis, The Onion film critic Peter K. Ronsenthal deconstructs the movie in this new review.

Even though he is being terribly sarcastic, as The Onion does best, it’s hard to disagree with his take on the timeless classic. 


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Jun 172013

World news headlines have been focused on Syria and now Turkey for so time now, but a new social unrest has taken place over the past week in South America’s largest country: Brazil.

Since June 10th, demonstrators in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro have held rallies after the rise in fare for public transport. But these protests, which are being met with brutality, aren’t just about a couple of cents.

It’s about years of social, financial, and political powers beings centralized to the top few politicians in power who only seem to become more and more corrupt and hungry for control. 

And now, while people starve in slums and die in poorly funded hospitals, Brazilian leaders have just spent over one billion dollars on a new soccer stadium for the World Cup. 

To help support the rallies and demonstrators and spread their message, Change Brazil published this #ChangeBrazil video over the weekend to help explain the truth behind the uprisings in Brazil. Since debuting, the video has amassed over 700,000 views, and over 50,000 likes


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Jun 152013

FOX San Antonio is the publisher of this week’s most viral news report. 

Sebastian De La Cruz had the once in a life time opportunity to sing  the National Anthem at Game three of the NBA Finals in a Mariachi outfit earlier this week. But after doing a great job, especially for an eleven year old, he was hit by a storm of negative tweets online, just because of his family’s country of origin. 

Now, the video has been seen over 2 million times


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