Jul 302013

Stealing a car used to require special hardware, tools, and brawn. Not anymore.

Today, nearly all cars are run entirely by advanced digital computers. That may make many annoying aspects of the automobile from the past history, but it comes with a price.

Now, high tech carjackers can literally take over your car with just a few keystrokes on their laptop or smartphone

Forbes‘ Andy Greenberg unveils the power a hacker can obtain over one’s car in this week old video that has gone viral with over 700,000 hits


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Jul 272013

As most people hope, former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners joined the force to help his community, fight crime, and make Auburn, Alabama a better place.

Sadly, like so many other good officers on the force, he learned that is not what the police department was interested in.

Instead, he and his fellow officers had ticket and arrest quotas shoved down their throats. If they didn’t meet their quota of harassing the citizenry, the officers would get into trouble themselves. 

After finally speaking out against this outrage, Justin Hanners was fired. 

ReasonTV has covered the recent events in Auburn, and now their video report has gone viral, quickly garnering over 300,000 views


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Jul 252013

For some reason, news anchors seem to keep repeating the same mistake of drawing a picture reminiscent of genitalia during the weather or traffic report.

But this reporter from ABC 12 almost seems to draw a phallus on purpose. Now, countless copies of the blooper video have appeared across the web, garnering hundreds of thousands of views. 


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Jul 192013

After finding literal poo on his yard over and over, one New Mexico man had enough and installed a security camera. What he found on the footage was simply shocking. 

He was expecting to find maybe an animal or homeless person on video relieving themselves on his private property.

But, as KOAT TV reports, he never expected to find a woman runner repeatedly using his fence as her own private toilet


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