Sep 232013
iPhone 5S Lines In New York City

Popular New York City journalist and YouTuber Casey Neistat and his friend Gabriel Nussbaum waited in lines for the new iPhone 5S, and documented their experience.

Though Casey admits it was fun, “like tailgating,” he admits all the hysteria and excitement was really unwarranted. That’s why he named this viral video The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines 

And it seems the web agrees as in just two days the video has already amassed over 450,000 views

“All this for a damn phone??” asked YouTuber Amaka38.


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Sep 182013
Nick’s First Pitch, An Emotional Google Fiber Story

Thirteen year old Nick has loved baseball for as long as he can remember. He always dreamed of being in the majors, and his parents thought it might be possible if he continued striving in the sport. 

But suddenly, life came and kicked Nick and his family in the face. Nick was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Aplastic Anemia

The doctors told Nick he could no longer be around large groups of people, making playing in, or even going to, a baseball game impossible. 

That’s when Google stepped in.

Using the power of their new Google Fiber optic network, Google brought baseball to Nick. 

“With the help of the web, Nick was able to throw out the first pitch at A’s/Yankee’s game at the Oakland Coliseum in California from the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City—more than 1800 miles away.”


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Sep 182013
Rap Themed Sports Report By Adam Lefkoe

After recently going viral by seamlessly intertwining famous Seinfeld quotes, lines, and gags into his news report, sports reporter Adam Lefkoe of WHAS11 has again returned to the viral stage after publishing his latest ‘performance.’

This time he smoothly, yet impossibly, slipped in over 40 famous lyrics and references from popular hip hop songs into his RapCast

The video, published on Sunday, is trending now more than ever, and is featured on Mashable, Nosebleeds, and DailyDot


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Sep 152013
Hawaiian Woman’s Long Last Name Doesn’t Fit On License

This news report by KHON2 News has gone viral over the weekend for the odd nature of its content.

The report covers Janice, a woman with such a long traditional Hawaiian last name that it doesn’t fit on her driver’s license. As a result, she often struggles when encountering police and government bureaucracy. 

Now, the viral report stands with over 400,000 hits.


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Sep 112013
Media Reacts To Falling For Jimmy Kimmel’s Twerk Prank

These days, no one is shocked when the media completely misses the boat. After being let down so many times before, it is no longer shocking to hear the bastions of truth apologize over and over for their flubs, mistakes, and oversights.

The latest failure by the media was falling for Jimmy Kimmel‘s fake Twerk video that he pranked the entire web with. After going viral online, the media scooped up the video and ran with it. 

After finally revealing the prank to the web, Jimmy demonstrated how badly he punked the media by putting together this reaction compilation of media parrots admitting they were had. 

And by the way Jimmy, we’re on to you. The video didn’t just “take off on its own,” as you say. 

The video first was posted on Reddit five days ago by a brand new user named LiterallyMechanical. That’s extremely suspicious as new users almost NEVER make popular front page posts on Reddit. Worse, the only other activity on their account was posting a GIF of the twerk fail, which also had a very high upvote. 

Most likely this was an AstroTurf campaign by Jimmy Kimmel by leveraging a Reddit upvote buying program


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