Oct 182013
Scout Leaders Topple Ancient Rock Formation

Three Boy Scout leaders have found themselves in hot water after destroying a 200 million year old rock formation in the Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. 

Just like so many foolish teenage delinquents these days, the men recorded their mischief, and posted the video onto Facebook

Now, the video is going viral after being republished onto YouTube by the Salt Late Tribune.

The men are potentially facing felony charges, though they claim they knocked the rock over to prevent a boy scout from harm. 

Read more on SaltLakeTribue, Fox, and DeadSpin.


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Oct 062013
Syrian Rebels Shoot Down Dumbo By Banksy

With the Federal government shut down, it seems the 24 hour cable news world has forgotten the civil war in Syria that was once headline news.

But war continues whether the cameras are rolling or not. 

This edited video from an Al Jazeera news report was posted by YouTube channel Banksy NY, and has the signature work of the world famous artist and political commentator written all over it, whether he is the actual content creator or not. 

The video features a group of Syrian rebels firing a surface-to-air rocket at something in the sky. It later becomes apparent that the rebels successfully shot down… Dumbo?!? 


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Oct 062013
Synched Gears Interlock At Speeds Of 4,500 RPM

This amazing video report by Japanese technology news channel Diginfo News has gone viral over the weekend, amassing over a quarter million views so far!

The video showcases a special set of synchronized gears built by Mitsubishi Electric that spins at speeds of 4,500 rpm. The gears are so precise they can seemingly cross paths and interlock without any interference or obstructions. 


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Sep 302013
What’s Wrong With Cable News

Let’s face it. Over the decades, cable news has devolved into a monster. Truly important stories and news no longer matter. Now, it’s only ratings, ratings, ratings. 

That means the actually important stories of geopolitical instability, debt, and oppression have been replaced with… fluff, twerking, and celebrity gossip. 

Sketch comedy group Third String Kicker demonstrates this in their new skit depicting what goes on behind the scenes of a 24 hr cable news channel. 


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Sep 272013
Brazilian Family Shares Home With Pet Tigers

This incredible news report by Barcroft TV has gone viral, quickly amassing over 100,000 views.

The Brazilian Borges family wasn’t satisfied with a conventional dog or cat, so they super-sized their pet order to not one tiger, but pack of seven. After rescuing two tigers from the circus, Aryas started breeding the big cats, and even lets his daughter play with them. 


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