Aug 272013

Canadian sportscasters Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole have just moved to FOX Sports, and they’re turning out to be a hit. To celebrate their new success, Fox put together this The Best of Jay and Dan’s First Week video, that has already garnered over 300,000 hits. Read more on TheStar, OCanada, and YahooSports


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Aug 262013

As the Internet is so heavily populated with Generation Xers and Yers, complaints about the lack of music on MTV seems to have a permanent front seat online.

Popular puppet channel Glove and Boots is keeping the whining going with this parody news report concerning the lack of music on MTV. 


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Aug 092013

When he booked a fishing trip with captain from the reality TV show Wicked Tuna, Gregg Looney never thought that he would catch a fish of such magnitude. But the Lowell Sun reports that the fishing crew didn’t just catch a big fish, but monstrous 920 pound Tuna

“It was awesome. Just an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Looney after the fish was finally reeled in and put down. 

Read more on Lowell Sun.


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Aug 082013

This CBS 5 KPHO news report has gone viral on YouTube after James Poling posted the humorous clip. A Phoenix man awaiting a package from Amazon was crushed to discover that someone had stolen his mail!

Luckily, he caught the perp on security camera, and went around town posting sarcastic flyers of the wanted suspect to warn the neighborhood and starred in this sarcastic news report over the incident.


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Jul 302013

Stealing a car used to require special hardware, tools, and brawn. Not anymore.

Today, nearly all cars are run entirely by advanced digital computers. That may make many annoying aspects of the automobile from the past history, but it comes with a price.

Now, high tech carjackers can literally take over your car with just a few keystrokes on their laptop or smartphone

Forbes‘ Andy Greenberg unveils the power a hacker can obtain over one’s car in this week old video that has gone viral with over 700,000 hits


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