Nov 092013
Master Pickpocket Demonstrates Tricks Of The Trade

This video by The New Yorker was posted in February, but has recently experienced an uptick in viewership. 

In the clip, professional pickpocket Apollo Robbins explains some of his best pick pocket tricks and demonstrates a few on writer Adam Green.

Similar to a magician, it’s all about sleight of hand, deception, misdirection, and distraction. 


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Oct 312013
The Tick Explained

Fake vampires can’t compete with the real blood suckers of nature, the tick.

The New York Times explains how the tiny real life horror creatures use their saw-like mouths to cut deep into their victims. If that’s not bad enough, the tiny vampires also can transfer plenty of nasty pathogens to their hosts as well.

So don’t fear the ghost, witches, and goblins this Halloween kids. Fear the truly terrifying tick.


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Oct 312013
Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

Darnell Barton has become an American hero overnight.

While driving his bus on the usual route, he noticed a woman hanging off the guardrail of a bridge over a Buffalo highway. 

“It didn’t seem real because of what was going on around… Traffic was going as normal, pedestrians going by as normal.”

Barton can be seen in this bus camera video, published online by the Associated Press, pulling over and asking the woman if she was OK. He then calmly walked off the bus, put his arm around her, and pulled her to safety. 

“I was meant to be there for her at that moment. And I was.”


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Oct 232013
Northwestern Basketball Player Surprise Scholarship

James Montgomery is a walk-on guard at Northwestern who started off as practice player with the women’s team as a freshman. After putting in the most effort on the team, he was surprised by his coach with a full scholarship for the year. 

Now, video of the good news reveal is going viral with over 450,000 hits so far, and is further featured on BlearReport, TheBigLead, HuffPost


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