Apr 252016
Man Builds 3D Printer To ‘Print’ An Epic Castle In His Backyard

Andrey Rudenko wanted to build a fort in his backyard, but was dissatisfied with the options he found at stores and online. So he went ahead and instead built an giant 3D printer that he used to create an epic concrete castle in his backyard!

This 18 month old video is trending again now with over 300,000 new views!


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Apr 122016
Building The Star Wars Lightsaber

One of the most famous science-fiction weapons in the world is the laser sword from Star Wars. The lightsaber. For decades, fans have been attempting to bring the magical sword to life by their own means. 

The Verge digs into the complex world of lightsabers in this clip. 


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Apr 092016
Bikers Against Child Abuse Empower Scared, Abused Kids

Bikers often have a bad reputation for being tough guys who disregard traffic laws and the feelings of others. But BACA, or Bikers Against Child Abuse, uses this reputation for good. They are a group of tough bikers who volunteer to empower children who suffered abuse by physically and emotionally protecting them, and bringing the kids into their club. Yahoo explains in this inspirational video. 


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Mar 292016
John Oliver Makes His Own Conspiracy Up

If you’ve ever found yourself in the deeper parts of YouTube, you know how easy it is to find crazy conspiracy videos. They’re everywhere! Many of the first videos on YouTube were conspiracy videos. Some bring up valid concerns, but most are just madness. 

John Oliver makes up his own crazy conspiracy in this trending video. 


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Mar 292016
If Social Media Was A Cable News Channel

Social media has changed the way we all consume media. It used to be the only way to get the news at any time was on the select few cable news channels. But now with the Internet and social media, you can get up to the minute news at any time. 

That got Cracked thinking. What would a cable news channel look like if the reporters and analysts were all famous social media websites, like Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, and more?


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