Jan 092014
Long Story Short I Had a Movie Date Short Film

There are few things more nerve wracking than a first movie date with a cute girl from class.

As Long Story Short demonstrates in this humorous short film, the date will go fine if you just remember to wear deodorant, and don’t over think everything. 


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Jan 092014
xbox sign out prank

The XBox One is truly a futuristic gaming console. It even has voice commands! Many serious gamers realized that voice commands might not be the best idea for a gaming console, but they were quickly silenced by corporate marketing.

Gamer YouTube channel Video Games demonstrates just how annoying the voice commands can be in this new viral XBox One troll video

He made his Call of Duty tag name literally ‘XBox Sign Out’ and annoyed the heck out of other players. 

When other gamers finally grew sick of his antics they would no doubt yell out his gamer tag in rage, and quickly be signed out of the game. 

Their reactions are priceless!

“Whose name is XBox Sign Out…. Uh-oh.”

“XBox Sign Out, catch me. No! I didn’t mean….”


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Jan 082014
This Is What An 8 Bit Version Of Pulp Fiction Would Look Like

Pulp Fiction is a true 90′s cult classic, so it makes perfect sense to reimagine the popular film as an 8-bit video game.

And that’s exactly what the movie buffs at Cine Fix did with this latest nerdy movie adaptation

The entire story is retold with boxy pixels and vintage sound effects in iconic 90′s video game style that has the Internet tickled with nostalgia!


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Jan 082014
30 More Life Hacks Debunked

Internet nerd fighter John Green is on a mission to educate and clarify. 

So it’s no surprise a few months ago he stepped forward to debunk many of the countless ‘life hacks’ the web is so enamored with.

Back in October, he disproved 30 popular Internet life hacks on his prominent Mental Floss show, and amassed over 2 million hits

Now, he has returned for a much desired encore to debunk 30 more nonsense ‘hacks.’


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