Mar 232014
Harry Potter Dementor Prank

Harry Potter is a just fantasy story. Those terrifying, soul-sucking Dementors aren’t real. 

Or are they?

Yousef of prank channel Fousey TUBE hit the streets of downtown with a hidden camera crew and his buddy dressed as a Dementor. 

When the time was just right, the monster struck Yousef and knocked him out in front of a terrified witness

The witnesses didn’t know how to react. Hilarious!


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Mar 222014
Elders React To Pewdiepie

It maybe shocking to learn, but video game YouTuber PewDiePie is the most popular content creator online with over 25 million subscribers!

The Fine Brothers thought he would make for a perfect candidate to show to their group of elders and see how they react. 

This reaction video has amassed over 2.5 million hits!


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Mar 222014
Jim Breuer Meets The “You’ve Got Mail” Guy

AOL was the Facebook and Google all in one back in the 90′s. Everyone was on it.  

Even though the reign of AOL has passed, people still remember the iconic sounds of the service. 

Who can forget, “Welcome!” and “You’ve got mail!” and “Good bye!”?

Comedian Jim Breuer recently bumped into the “You’ve Got Mail!” guy, and now this clip of his encounter has gone viral with over 200,000 hits!


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