Oct 142011

The Shake Weight was parody gold for comedians on all spectrums when it came out last year. Late night TV loved to spoof it, and fake commercials showed up all over the Internet. Even though it’s been a while, Jimmy Kimmel brings us this new spoof. It’s the Tug Toner and it pokes fun at how these ‘products’ are just dripping with sexual innuendo. 


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Sep 232011

As standard, the new X Factor season premiere opened with many amazing, beautiful performances. But there were also many goofy, stupid Fail performances. Geo Godly was the king of the horrible acts when he came out on stage, dropped his pants, and did a horrible song and dance routine. And no he wasn’t fully naked, but where small underwear. 


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Sep 222011

Weatherman Jim Ramsey was acting as a fill in on WGN when all of a sudden, two Playboy Bunnies cut in the middle of his weather report. But he didn’t seem to mind at all. The two bunnies gave Jim his very own authentic Bunny ears and puff tail, and made his day. 


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Sep 212011

When a dude is trying to get close to a girl, there is nothing more crushing than hearing, “Let’s just be friends.” You were a nice guy, and acted with chivalry to get with her, only for your actions to bite you in the rear. So instead, you’re ‘friend-zoned,’ and have to endure hearing about her hookups with jerks.  



Thanks John!!

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Sep 182011

With a product name like ‘Sheet,’ it’s not that hard to think up a funny pun that would fit oh so perfectly. Take a ‘sheet’ in the library. Take a ‘sheet’ in the morning. Heck, let’s all just take ‘sheets’ everywhere in public! Sheet-as in Sheet energy strips. 


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