Dec 152014
Jammed Ice Of Frozen River Finally Flowing Will Blow Your Mind

Alex Geller posted this jaw-dropping nature video in 2011, but it has only gone viral now. Alex was by the Wild Ammonoosuc River in New Hampshire when the ice of the frozen river finally broke allowing for a giant tidal wave of icy water to surge downstream. The powerful water even dragged trees down with it! 


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Dec 102014
Hikers Walk On Perfectly Clear Frozen Lake

One of the perks of winter is being able to walk across frozen lakes. But usually the frozen top of the lake appears white. Tomas N and his buddy were hiking in Slovakia when they stumbled upon a rare gem of nature. A frozen mountain lake in High Tatras Mountains was so crystal clean, it appeared perfectly clear when frozen. It looks like they are walking on air! It’s no wonder this video has instantly gone viral with over half a million hits and counting!


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Nov 252014
Creepy Weird Deep-Sea Anglerfish Caught On Camera

The elusive Anglerfish is the stuff of nightmares. The creepy deep-sea fish is rarely observed in its natural habitat, but the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute captured rare footage of the beast 600 meters deep using their remotely operated underwater vehicle. The institute believes that this is the “first video footage ever made of this species alive and at depth.”

Their unique clip has gone viral over the weekend with over 4.75 million hits so far!


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Nov 192014
Angry Ram Really Doesn’t Like Punching Bag

Male sheep are called rams for a good reason. They instinctively love ramming each other and their enemies with their heads and horns. Buddhanz is YouTube home of the angry ram. This video of the angry ram tearing down a punching was posted a month ago, but it has only gone viral now with over a quarter million hits!


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Nov 182014
Squirrel Steals GoPro, Carries It Up Tree

Squirrels and other wild rodents are now in overdrive, collecting and hoarding as much food as possible for the long, cold winter. Viva Frei attached a piece of bread to a GoPro camera, and laid it on the ground to record the squirrels. He never would have guessed that the little squirrel would actually take the camera with the bread up a tree. Thankfully, after realizing the plastic and metal of the camera didn’t taste that good, the little guy dropped the camera down. 

This week old video has gone viral with over 2.5 million views


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