May 302014
Weather VS Climate Change

If the world truly is warming up, why was last winter so cold? And if scientists can’t even predict the weather, how can they claim to be so sure about Climate Change? The confusion stems from the fact that people often mix up the weather with Climate Change. World famous scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the difference between the two in this trending video by National Geographic.


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May 292014
Soldier Adopts Dog That Saved His Life

U.S. military combat dog Layka was shot four times at close range while in combat in Afghanistan. Still, she didn’t falter and subdued the attacker thereby saving her handler and the other members of the team. After serving, Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald couldn’t just let Layka go. He had to return the favor for saving his life, and fought to adopt her. Even if she only had three legs. 

The National Geographic tells the touching story in this video


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Jan 282014
The Manatees Are Dying And No One Knows Why

The residents of Crystal Rivers, Florida are proud of their manatee neighbors in the sea. But 2013 was a dark year for the playful creatures as over 800 dead manatees have been recorded. 

The larger problem, explains National Geographic, is that scientists aren’t sure what’s killing them


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Oct 302013
Dazzling Time-Lapse Of America’s Great Spaces

Photographer Shane Black left the comforts of home and hit the road, travelling across America for two months to document her glory.

He set up his cameras at America‘s most beautiful locations to create dazzling time-lapses that the National Geographic published in this trending compilation video


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Sep 272013
Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

House cats are known to dislike the water, but National Geographic explains that the great jaguar doesn’t seem to mind the wet stuff at all. 

In this new and instant viral video, a hungry jaguar quietly stalks and attacks an unsuspecting crocodile from behind by silently swimming through the creek. The croc no doubt felt safe on his little island, but paid the ultimate price for his over confidence. 

In less than a day, the new clip has amassed over 600,000 views!


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