Jan 282014
The Manatees Are Dying And No One Knows Why

The residents of Crystal Rivers, Florida are proud of their manatee neighbors in the sea. But 2013 was a dark year for the playful creatures as over 800 dead manatees have been recorded. 

The larger problem, explains National Geographic, is that scientists aren’t sure what’s killing them


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Oct 302013
Dazzling Time-Lapse Of America’s Great Spaces

Photographer Shane Black left the comforts of home and hit the road, travelling across America for two months to document her glory.

He set up his cameras at America‘s most beautiful locations to create dazzling time-lapses that the National Geographic published in this trending compilation video


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Sep 272013
Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

House cats are known to dislike the water, but National Geographic explains that the great jaguar doesn’t seem to mind the wet stuff at all. 

In this new and instant viral video, a hungry jaguar quietly stalks and attacks an unsuspecting crocodile from behind by silently swimming through the creek. The croc no doubt felt safe on his little island, but paid the ultimate price for his over confidence. 

In less than a day, the new clip has amassed over 600,000 views!


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Jul 232013

The Jesus Christ Lizard is aptly nick-named for its Christ-like ability, reports The National Geographic. That is, it can quite literally walk on water when it feels threatened.

Using its large tail as a counter balance and special fringes on its toes, the Basilisk Lizard can literally run on water to escape predators. 


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Mar 062013

This new video featuring the new technology of a concrete tent by National Geographic has gone viral, amassing over 350,000 hits in just one day. 

In their obligatory white lab coats, Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips show viewers the new amazing concrete canvas. When submerged in water, the bendable, pliable canvas turns hard as concrete in just a matter of hours. 

Now, the new material is being utilized in pop out-style emergency tents perfect to help people in a humanitarian disaster. 


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